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Brett Hull admits that he has sex with his roommates

Well, it looks like we have another word to add to the glossary (to join "routine", "close friend", etc): roommate, as used in the following article.

Hockey just isn't hockey without a roommate

"I'm a great roommate," he says.


"Yeah. I've always had a roommate on the road. Some guys today, now that you can have your own room, they grab it. They want to be by themselves. I never wanted that. I like having someone to talk to."

Over the years, he has shared keys with Mike Modano, Mike Keane, Kelly Chase, Adam Oates and "a few others who I can't remember."

I guess that "talk" is another word to add to the glossary. And Hully, those guys you can't remember must be feeling really insulted right now.

Any he didn't get along with?

"No," he says, "but in St. Louis, I was rooming with Paul Cavallini, and he fell in love. He was always on the phone with his girlfriend. All day and all night."

Hull clucks his tongue. "Those are prime roommate hours -- and all he'd be doing is talking on the phone. So I said, 'That's enough of that' and got put in with someone else."

Prime roommate hours?

Haha, Paul wouldn't put out so he requested someone who would.

I hear Chelios laugh in the background. I ask Hull if he's going to miss his roommate.

"Well, I have a beautiful girlfriend," he says. "She'll be able to take his place."

And redefine "prime roommate hours," too.

Okay, is there any way he could possibly have been more blatant? *boggles*

So, about those Sharks...

I was absurdly nervous about the game. I watched it in terror, and it didn't help that both Thorty and Reech got hurt in the first shift. >.< Reech I didn't even find out about until later, the hit from behind, that would have made me more fearful. It seemed to me that we were being badly outplayed, but I was glad that we were able to slow things down as much as possible.

Watching the game again this morning, I didn't feel that the game was that unbalanced. Maybe it's because I saw the ESPN broadcast, because I wasn't as nervous as I was last night, already knowing the outcome, whatever, it seemed like the Sharks were really good defensively, getting back and doing everything possible to prevent/break up outnumbered rushes, etc.

I don't know who we're putting in our lineup tomorrow. Will Alyn be ready to go? Will Reech? Thorty looked pretty bad so I doubt he'll be in. Will Goc make another cameo in a possibly deciding game? Is Parker good to go?

I really hope we can win tomorrow. The media in both the Avs and Sharks camps have already declared the series over but the Avs are capable of playing a very good game tomorrow. Winning tomorrow would mean that hopefully our boys can rest up and heal up for the next round.

Next round?

Holy shit.
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