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There's nothing to see

Ugh, I've been nervous all night and morning about today's game. This is so strange. I haven't been nervous for a single playoff game before this. Partly that's because I was still trying to adjust to being in the playoffs at all.

We're all of a sudden not as anonymous as we used to be. I'm talking to Lira, and it's like... we like being under the radar! Nobody's supposed to know we're alive. :P And then Patty gets another hat trick and Cheech puts his stick between his legs and Barry Melrose has new names to latch on to.

Umm, but nothing has changed from before the series started and now. The Avs still have the same players on their roster that they did before. One more, even, now that Tanguay is back. They're still really scary!

I hope for a good, close game. Our only win against the Avs this season came in Denver without our top 2 scorers and with our backup goalie (but of course that's unimportant as the Avs were without Forsberg--a headline about the game actually read 'Without Forsberg, Avs fall to Sharks') so at least we've won there before, unlike some other places. *peers in the direction of Dallas*

Ugh. Five-and-a-half hours to go. *takes deep breaths*
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