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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thorty 2

There's nothing to see

Ugh, I've been nervous all night and morning about today's game. This is so strange. I haven't been nervous for a single playoff game before this. Partly that's because I was still trying to adjust to being in the playoffs at all.

We're all of a sudden not as anonymous as we used to be. I'm talking to Lira, and it's like... we like being under the radar! Nobody's supposed to know we're alive. :P And then Patty gets another hat trick and Cheech puts his stick between his legs and Barry Melrose has new names to latch on to.

Umm, but nothing has changed from before the series started and now. The Avs still have the same players on their roster that they did before. One more, even, now that Tanguay is back. They're still really scary!

I hope for a good, close game. Our only win against the Avs this season came in Denver without our top 2 scorers and with our backup goalie (but of course that's unimportant as the Avs were without Forsberg--a headline about the game actually read 'Without Forsberg, Avs fall to Sharks') so at least we've won there before, unlike some other places. *peers in the direction of Dallas*

Ugh. Five-and-a-half hours to go. *takes deep breaths*

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*makes scott hannan dance to distract you*

Good luck tonight. ;c)

Dallas had the second best home record (I keep wanting to type home wrecker) what do you expect?

Dude, memo to your boys -- Go after Forsberg's pancreas.

Thank you. :D

LOL home wrecker! Yeah, that's true, but I think the problem was that in all 3 games, it didn't even look like we had a remote chance of winning. :P

Hahaha, is there an ordered list of internal organs to go after? :)

You know I haven't been to a Sharks game all season. I'm kind of sad now. I usually got to one each year. Usually for my birthday. :c) I chose Canucks instead.

Well he DID lose a spleen because of a hit in the playoffs years back.

Well, uhh, I guess Sharks games would be a good way to see your boys play their best. >.< Mmm, Canucks. They're a lot of fun to watch. :D

Hee, I remember that. There was a parody fic that
calls him a "spleenless bastard". :P

Haha awww. Well at least there's still a team out there that's intimidated by the Stars. :c( Yeah I was excited. I got the tickets PRIOR to the Bertuzzi incident. So sad.

hahahaaha spleenless bastard! so great. [loves forsberg, but hates him right now]

*holds your hand* I know my team isn't going to go through to the next round, so no pressure, but, eeeee I have so much Alyn-adoration I think a stanley cup will go well with his Lady Byng

*squeezes* *sniffle* But... but... they could win the next two...

*cries* Dude, just the knowledge that Alyn is gonna be sitting there in his tux at the NHL Awards makes me so proud and happy already. :)

getting a win at the can will be a huge accomplishment. i'm so worried if they win the next two games.

Yeah, because they would have the momentum and channel 1999, blah blah blah. *gulps*

I'm really nervous about how the Sharks will respond today. If they play hard, unlike their effort in St. Louis for Game 3, I'll be satisfied, even if we end up losing.

You know how I am.... well, at least sorta *grins*


*takes a deep breath*

If I had a Sharks jersey, I'd drive to Colorado and wear it to the game for you tonight. ;)

*grin* Yup. Thank you!!! :)

Ahh, dude, that makes me sniffle a little bit. *hugs*

Awww *hugsback*

I know how it is to support your team 150% and to be so so so nervous. Your boys have earned their spot, though. They're playing with a lot of heart - if they keep it up they will have no worries.

I'll be watching!!

Hockey is not for the faint-hearted, is it? :) I am so proud of the effort I'm seeing from them, and also the calmness and restraint no matter what.

Did you watch the last game? When Thorty crashed into Abby's net and got pummeled by him and got up grinning. :P

It's not. And those who think it is don't really know it at all. They've been pretty disciplined, which has been great to see. Especially after Forsberg was getting all scrappy in the last game.

Are you kidding? MISS A GAME OF THIS SERIES?? I'd have to be in a coma somewhere. ;) I've said it all along, my boys gave them a false sense of confidence. The odds were stacked against them - everyone picked Dallas over Colorado and they took them out. What would be so hard about beating San Jose?

Watch out, Abby, here comes Patrick Marleau. ;)

I think Forsberg collected at least 3 helmets on Saturday! And the mutual facewashing was hilarious. :)

I totally thought that Dallas was going to win that series. The Stars were surging at the end of the season (until Turco's suspension) and the Avs were playing badly.

I expect them to focus on shutting down Marleau's line today, which is okay with me because Nils Ekman's line is due to bust out. He's scored 3 goals against Aebischer this season I think, so hopefully he can be a factor.

You're not the only one who's nervous. ::chews on nails::

(btw, it was great meeting you the other night, if only for a brief moment. And thanks so much for the tape!)

We're all just a big bundle of nerves!

It was great meeting to you, too! I'm glad you got to watch an awesome game. You're very welcome. :D

I'm nervous about the game tonight, too, but for a completely different reason.

Umm, but nothing has changed from before the series started and now. The Avs still have the same players on their roster that they did before. One more, even, now that Tanguay is back. They're still really scary!--

hee but they don't got patty roy!

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