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It's official--Patty and Marco are an NHL-endorsed couple!

I love this description of Foppa from Because of Forsberg, Avalanche wins in 7: His pale blue eyes are staring through the glass doors and at the ice with phlegmatic Swedish blood lust.

Damn it, I can't find the article where they referred to Patty and Marco as "close friends". :( Everyone knows that's basically like saying they're married! It's like getting your parents' blessing! *squeaks* Found it! Found it! It was on, not

From Sharks hope to build on momentum:

Marleau, the team's leading scorer, managed just one goal in his final 18 regular-season games after linemate and close friend Marco Sturm was lost for the season with a gruesome ankle injury.

"It had a pretty profound impact on everybody," Ron Wilson said. But particularly on Marleau. "They came into the organization together, and they're best friends."

Wilson kept his distance, then told Marleau before the playoffs that the grieving had to end.

"We had a long chat," Wilson said. "I told him the time's up to mourn the absence. Forget about the drought."

Soinlove. :)

They interviewed the woman who customizes the Sharks jerseys on sale at the store in the Tank on NBC *boggles* before the game. Apparently Cheech is the most popular jersey at the moment. :D

Hee, and the game! It made me go crazy in many different ways. *kisses Patty* I like what they said on TSN when they showed all the hats being tossed for his hat trick: "Marleau... chapeau" So glad to see Alyn back, although I would rather that Abby not punch him in the head. Or try to slash Niko's legs. In general, I think I would prefer that nobody get punched in the back of the head as we have all seen where that kind of thing leads. ;)

Oh, and before I forget! spoothbrush check out this pic of a striped hottie that joolzie found. :P
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