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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I am (extra) retarded today

This is so strange I can barely believe it...

From Czechs turn hockey gold into opera

PRAGUE -- The Olympic champion Czech Republic hockey team is getting a curtain call. Dominik Hasek, Jaromir Jagr and the rest of the 1998 gold-medal winning hockey team are the subjects of a new opera that re-enacts their victory at the Nagano Olympics.

"Nagano," billed as "an opera in three periods and one overtime," is the first Czech opera about a sports event.

Characters include Hasek, Jagr, Robert Reichel and Martin Rucinsky as well as Vaclav Havel, the former anti-communist dissident-turned- Czech president.

The opera, based on a script written by Jaroslav Dusek, follows the final stages of the Czech team's Olympic run and the celebrations afterward, during which a chorus of fans yell Hasek is God and Hasek for president.

The Czechs defeated the United States and Canada before beating arch-rival Russia to win their first Olympic title.

Short on sleep. Again. Had excellent laundry misadventures, starting with being so absorbed in reading THN as I walked to the laundromat that I walked right into a parking meter. Got briefly irritated that whatever it was I walked into was hard and bruisy and wasn't moving out of the way. Realized it was a parking meter and wasn't going anywhere. Giggled at myself and went back to reading THN.

Had revelation at laundromat that now I can do more than one load of laundry in one trip because of multiple washers and dryers! Just need to get a big enough laundry bag to fit everything into.

Had interesting time trying to communicate with guy at laundromat. He couldn't speak English, and I can kind of speak Cantonese well enough to trick people into thinking that I can like, understand it beyond the level of a 2-year-old, which I can't really. I'm sure he shared lots of valuable laundromat lore, but it was all wasted on me. I did manage to decipher that 1) I was using the crappier washer and 2) I put too much time on the dryer.

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Nagano...opera...Hasek is god...


*snuggles you* The misadventures of Mae at the Laundromat would such a cute children's book.

I know, I had to read more than half of it before I realized that they weren't joking.

*snuggles* Hee, it kinda' does! It's like a cautionary tale for kids.

. . . billed as "an opera in three periods and one overtime,"

Okay, even I just cracked up at that, and that whole event is pretty much considered a national disaster/tragedy in this country.

the day after that day has yet to be matched in me seeing a whole town as sad as it was and yeah when I read that article I still cracked the fuck up LOL

crazy talk *giggles*

heheehe laundry misadventure! dude I nver read THN, I should start. I've always used a garbage bag to bring my laundry to a laundromat but I'm kinda white trasy so yeah *giggle*

I like THN just because it's all about hockey, LOL! It's actually pretty badly edited, and it's super Leafs-biased (because they're in Toronto) but I like it. :)

I want to get one with straps so I can heft it on my shoulders like a backpack and stagger to the laundromat with 40 pounds of laundry! I can pretend I'm going camping.

gold-medal winning hockey team are the subjects of a new opera that re-enacts their victory at the Nagano Olympics.


Uhm. Hokay.

*giggles insanely*

Jagr, Robert

For some reason when I was reading that sentence, I read that as "Julie Roberts" and was confused for a second there.

Julia Roberts, Jagr--what's the difference?

You know, I'm not sure there is one.

You know I love opera, but just, no. having said that, Robert-my-garden-gnome is in it.

LOL! I'm just amused at the thought of a chorus singing "Hasek is God". :P

*dead* opera??? but but jad was writing westside cheli as the first hockey musical! hehehe

Dude, no. I looked and she's more ugly than fat. But she's fat too.

I am very very good-looking. I suppose that makes me an unfair judge, but that chick is ugly.

Muaha. I'ma go crash hard now. G'night.

(Seriously, I'm fahking hawt. Muaha.)

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