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The Invincible M.A.E.

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From tamiflu

if you read this post, go post something, anything, in your livejournal and preface it with this sentence.

I can't believe that Steve Levy called today's game between the Sens and Leafs the "battle of Alberta". >.

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As an Edmontonian, I am offended. However, I was more offended by CBC continually calling the Calgary/Vancouver series the Battle of Western Canada. Laaaaaaame.


Yeah, that one was a reach. :P

He *what*?!

Oh good lord...


That's... just... BRAIN HURTS.

Steve Levy is just creepy. *kicks him*

Thought, I really enjoyed his comment, "That's the weakest boarding call you'll ever seen in a Game 7 playoff game," with the proper amount of national broadcaster sarcasm.

I actually like Steve Levy!

He's the one who started to talk about "Jaromir Jagr's emotional return to Washington as a Ranger" with gusto, then kind of chuckled and said, "no, not really". :P

I think it was just an honest slip up :)

Like at dinner last weekend. My cousin's gf is named "Amanda." His old gf was "Alicia." He needs to move onto another letter because I called "Amanda" "Alicia" and it was an accident and I thought she was going to cry.

Yeah, I agree, but at the same time there was enough ambiguity between them in his mind to say it...

Doh! That's very unfortunate. :(

Perhaps he was being funny and talking about Darcy Tucker.

*pets Steeeeeve*

What a silly man. But I still love him because he made the Best Call Evar.

*remembers 2002 and cries*

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