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I should probably avoid Vegas

I'm doing so bad on my round 1 predictions. That's what happens when I get emotionally involved with too many teams, I guess. ;)

People are impressed with the Habs for coming back from 3-1 to win the series, and rightly so, but the thing that further impresses me is that they did it after Kovalev's screw up in Game 4. They should have been completely defeated at that point, but they weren't. I'm interested to see what they have left in the tank for their series against the Bolts.

As for the Canucks... I already told frala this, but they're the only team I would "expect" to come back and tie the game at the last second (almost literally), and that's a big part of why I love them. I'm not sure if I'd have the stamina to be a primary Canucks fan, though. :P

Big hugs to frala, em16, jetpants, iltb, certainthings, solookup, siko_md, kimikee, sodapop_300. Your boys did good.

From the SJ Mercury: Last spring, Selanne declined to exercise his option to stay in San Jose. He and close friend Paul Kariya made headlines in July when the two offered their services to the Avalanche at a below-market rate.

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