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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thorty 2

Round 2, here we come!

I didn't know what to say last night in my phone post and I still don't know what to say! I have the game on again as I'm taping it for one of branwynelf, tersa or windrose and just hearing it in the background is making me smile.

I was at the Tank last night with branwynelf and her friend, and the atmosphere was great. The two of them were all tealed out beautifully. :D The early goal really set the tone, and to be honest I didn't really relax until there were like 17 seconds left in the game (even though we were up 3-1) and then it was over and there was the handshake line, and it was all so unreal. I'm so happy and proud but it all still feels like a beautiful dream. I'm still working on having just being the playoffs at all sink in!

I thought the Blues played well in the series, especially Osgood. He made many magnificent saves, the kind where if the Blues had won those games you'd be able to point at them go, "There, right there he saved the game for us." But they didn't win those games; it would be a shame if anyone points the finger at him for the Blues losing the series.

I was heartened (is that a word?) to see Thorty skating in the warmup. He seemed to move around okay; his left knee looked a bit stiff, but that's very possibly just my imagination. Parker was in the warmup too, but we ended up putting new German boy in instead! Marcel Goc, yeah, but it's so much more fun to not call him by his name! It worked out, though as German boy made a key play to Smitty for the GWG, which I thought was just a completely lucky bounce and Backman shanking it.

Watching German boy in the broadcast, I think he looks a little skinheadish. Hrm. Really proud of him, though. He did good and jesus it must be insane for your first NHL game ever to be the deciding game in a playoff series.

I am endlessly amused by the hate for Pronger! People tried to start Osgood chants but by the third repetition it morphed into Pronger. People were still chanting after the game! Good stuff. :)

I'm such a sap but watching the broadcast at the end when all the boys were smiling, even Ron, made me sniffly. It's the first playoffs for Niko, Cheech and Preissing, but it's just so amazing because of how far we came from last season, heck even from the beginning of this season. All I wanted was to see effort and they've shown that in almost every game this season, and it shows. *heart swells* *tearful again*

From Sharks earned rest with quick finish

The HP Pavilion customers were teal drunk and roaring for those final moments, waving towels and hailing Mike Ricci as an exalted high master of the universe.
We were!

From Fighting Through Any Adversity

Wayne's brother Keith plays for Philadelphia and the elder Primeau scored a goal against New Jersey last night.

"Normally when he plays a good game, I have a good game, so hopefully some will come around to my side," said Primeau.

Hee, let's see if it helps Keith. :P

So impressed with the Habs for bouncing back from that disappointing loss and the whole Kovalev mess. Maybe this is the final sputter before they go out, but if they do, they went out with a fight.

*smooches Lira* We'll watch them win the next round, okay? :)

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*hugs all over you*

*peers at Bergy and his playoff appearance last year*

Don't love him too quickly.

After several quotes (including the one from the Purdy article), I was seriously considering putting together a post of memorable quotes from all the articles of the series, especially the ones which made me laugh.

Ooh, you totally should! I just read them and then forget about them for the most part.

(Deleted comment)
that book would make anyone heart reech :D



*roots for the Habs*

I'm glad you had fun!

What? Everyone HATES Pronger? Why would they hate Pronger?

Every Sharks fan I know hates Pronger. I think that's one thing we all agree on. [smiles]

Hee, thanks! It was amazing. :D

You know the stuff that Pronger did was before my time, but it's so fun to join in on the hating, LOL!


*huggles* I couldn't hear your audio post on this computer but congrats to your boys! :D

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