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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Extortion time

Hey flanneryflyer, today is Wednesday. You should know what that means.

Deliver the goods or the kids get it (on).

[Edit: She's got an extension to Friday. Look for a cheesy intro in an LJ post tonight, though.]

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Deliver the goods or the kids get it (on).

Hmm... Is this in regards to what I think it is?? *eg*

If you think it involves "oversized string cheese", then you're correct. :)

Oh lord .. XD I can't wait for this ...... but then .. o_O;;;; maybe I can.

Then again .. if it gets my mind offa last night's craptacular display of SUCKING then go right ahead.

Hey, remind me when you "see" me to spam you with the prologue to the bad smut.

Oh man, is it bad.

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