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Korky the Invincible!

Did anyone hear Barry Melrose say on NHL2Night that the Blues forwards couldn't handle Korolyuk's size and strength? *gigglesnort* Korolyuk who is 5'9" 170? This just lends credence to my theory that Barry has no handle at all on the Sharks now that Owen and Selanne aren't with us anymore. :P

*squeaks* Korky was third star on for Tuesday night. :D

Thorty!!! It was just a matter of time before he busted out! It was great how Drew told him at his intermission interview that he could say hi to his kids again at the next one if he scored another goal. And he did, but then he got injured. *weeps* Man, now we have a posse of gimps following the team around. :(

Really cool lesbian article Maturity sparks Marleau's game on I'm just so impressed that they managed to get Patty to actually say that much. Also there's a little bit of Marco love. :)

"It's hard when you gain confidence playing with one guy and all of a sudden he's gone," Marleau said. *sighs*

Bah on the Bruins and the Flames, but huggles for Miikkachu for his shutout.

I'm a big klutz. On the BART home from the Sharks game on Saturday, I got on the wrong train (well not wrong, but the more inconvenient train) and I realized this when I overheard someone talking about how they should be on the other train, so I stood up and calmly walked into a metal pole with quite some force, echoing metal sound and all, then raced across the train platform to have the train door close in my face.

It's a good thing I don't get embarrassed about things like that. :)

I have finished assembling all the furniture I bought from IKEA! *cheers self* I have my very own room now! *hops excitedly* This is the first time in my life I've ever had my very own room! I'm dorkishly excited. :) And it feels nice and like it's really mine since I assembled half the stuff in here.
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