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Mind and spirit and BODY

From Sidelined Sturm hits the road with teammates

Injured forward Marco Sturm is here in mind and spirit, ready to lend moral support and maintain a routine for Sharks captain Patrick Marleau as the Western Conference quarterfinal series shifts to the Midwest.

I'm going to start using routine as a euphemism too.

"I want to stay out of the way because they're doing just fine,'' Sturm said. "But I'll be back with Patty on the road, so that'll be good. It's kind of our routine. I'll feel a little involved.''

Heh heh.

"It's hard, but I like it when it gets more emotional and louder.''

I'm sure he does.

I think I'd like to get well now. I've been hacking up a lung for the past week or so and it doesn't make for very restful sleep. ;)

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