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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thorty 2

Sturm to accompany Marleau to St. Louis for hat trick sex

Happy belated birthday, doublehelix20!!!

So apparently Bettman was in da house yesterday, which might have explained the 285085270 penalty calls at the Blues/Sharks game. Before the game, tersa and I declared "Patty needs a goal--lots and lots of goals!" *grin* I think three counts!

I am so fucking proud of him, for stepping up this season, for getting into the dirty stuff in front of the net and battling, for wanting to be the guy. In summary: for being the captain. :)

From Sloppy play puts Blues behind 8-ball

That was the work of captain Chris Pronger, the Blues' most important player, who was either having a bad hair day, didn't get enough sleep or had some sort of irritating skin rash. He took 14 minutes on his own, including six for high sticking and four more for simply bad behavior. The cost to his team was considerable, and helped further encourage the silly San Jose tradition of booing him every time he touches the puck.

We suspect that (a) the fans only know a few Blues, and (b) that Pronger was being booed with equal fervor in St. Louis.

Hee, bad hair day! I don't particularly dislike Pronger, but I like the booing! I'm into it because it seems all uniting or something. :P It was also funny how the boos would start when you saw Pronger about to touch the puck so they'd reach a crescendo when he got possession. The brief boos when he got rid of the puck quickly were funny too. :)

Oh and yes, to explain the subject line...

From Magic touch returns in victory over Blues

Marleau wasn't sure what he would do with all the hats.

``I don't know where they are,'' he said after the 3-1 victory. ``I'll have to find them.''

If you know Marleau's personality, that statement amounts to a comedy routine. He's a soft-spoken 24-year-old son of Aneroid, Saskatchewan, who will answer any question pleasantly but never with any extra syllables.

It's like tersa and I were saying, he looked all unmoved and emotionless after his hat trick, but if you've watched him for a while you can see the emotion there. It's in his eyes. :)

Hey, it's a simple game. No opponent had scored a hat trick against St. Louis all season, but Marleau made it look simple. As a bonus, the goals effectively crushed any talk that he has lost his scoring touch. His 28 goals tied Jonathan Cheechoo for the team lead, but Marleau scored only one goal in the last 18 games before the playoffs.

However, there was an asterisk. Fifteen of those games occurred after an ugly season-ending injury to Marco Sturm, a member of Marleau's three-man forward line but also his roommate on the road. Sturm was hurt in Denver on March 5 when he slid into the end boards and dislocated his ankle, which caused his foot to turn backward and face the wrong direction.

Sturm was in wrenching pain, but Marleau was shaken up by the play, too. He and Wayne Primeau went to the hospital that night and stayed with Sturm until 2 a.m. before returning to the team hotel.

For the next few games, as Sharks Coach Ron Wilson fiddled with line combinations, Marleau was visibly out of sync -- and perhaps still thinking about Sturm.

``When Marco got hurt the way Marco did,'' Wilson said, ``I think it had as much impact as anything on Patty not scoring at the end of the season.''

The only word they're leaving out here is "boyfriend". And staying with him until 2 AM in the hospital! *squeaks*

In this series, Wilson is pairing Marleau mostly with Damphousse and Primeau, a combination that seems to be clicking -- and no one is happier to see it than Sturm.

Okay, this gives me funny thoughts, considering that Wayne went to the hospital too...

He didn't have time to think about that, though, because the Sharks left for St. Louis immediately after the game. Sturm is on the trip, too. He'll be rooming with Marleau for the first time since the injury.

``We want to get back in the old routine,'' Sturm said.

*explodes* Sturm is out until training camp! Why is he rooming with Patty? And what else could this "old routine" be?

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hey, i was trying to find sharks pictures and user icons to put into my journal and i saw your layout and i thought it was really cool... can you help me out with something kind of like that? If you can that would be great... comment in my journal if you can please.

Re: i love your backround

Thanks! This layout was actually made by my friend neomonki.

Dude. Marco and Patty. Soinlove. Because you know, Patty just doesn't sleep right without Marco. So Marco must room with him. And coach says yes, because it is playoffs. :)

I love how it's endorsed by him. *grin*

ahhhhh old routine and hospital visits and eeesoinlove :D Dude that rocks :) and yay for sharkies winning and *licks the lesbian*

Thanks! *cheers* I love him so much. *sniffle*

*squeak* It's late night hospital bedside love ;)) *pets Marco, cuddles Primeau the Younger* That all just made me dryerish *floves the lesbian*

*huggles you* :D

LOL, that sounds like the summary from a porn movie. Not saying that it isn't appropriate. ;)

*huggles* They are soinlove. :)

ROFL!! It does, and it's very appropriate. Wouldn't mind seeing that either :)))

*ggg* They really are *sigh* So much love.

Bwahahahaha! We want to get back in the old routine of HAVING LOTS OF SEX!

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