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Welcome to the playoffs

*deep breath* Oh wow. I'm still kind of stunned. Maybe that's because I had 9 hours of sleep last night, but...

Okay so yesterday before the game I was calm all day. I think I still hadn't really accepted that we were in the playoffs. I just have this ticket and I'm going to get on the train and go watch the Sharks play the Blues. No thoughts of 7-game series or round 1 or anything like that, or that OT isn't going to be 5 minutes 4-on-4. Just a game. So I wasn't all that nervous.

Then I got to the Tank and there were so many people swarming around, 3 guys dressed up as the Hanson brothers with wigs and glasses and so many people in jerseys and teal and black balloons and everyone was so excited and then maybe I started crying a little bit. It's not like I broke down and started sobbing but there were tears. I blame lack of sleep. *nods*

The first period was really exciting, Sharks were really bringing it on, but... okay so you know how we always *looks left* *looks right* have problems finishing? That was in full effect last night, but beyond that I think guys were nervous? Like Cheech was reluctant to shoot. He's usually the guy who will just shoot from wherever, whenever. Korky took over role of designated shooter. :P Hopefully everyone is over that now that the first game is done.

I was shrieking and screaming and stuff, and both teams were just so good defensively. Like the 2-on-1 in OT with Tkachuk and some other scary Blue was the first odd man rush all game. I'm so proud of our penalty killing. *weeps* Killing off that 4 minute minor was huge. *sweat drips*

Then in the second period I just went dead silent. I think it finally sunk in that it's the playoffs and I was just sitting there in fear. And third period and OT were the best cos' I got to sit with/near Lira and Ocie. :D The place was sooooooooooo loud! People screaming and cheering and the "you suck!" section was especially powerful.

I went to visit tersa in her section before OT started and shrieked with her a bit. Okay, maybe that was just me shrieking. But it was shriek-worthy! My first playoff game ever and it goes to OT! And when Niko scored it took a while to sink in, like... did that really go in? And then everyone was leaping to their feet and screaming and maybe I started crying again. But umm, yeah if you heard my phone post after the game, that was after I'd calmed down a bit. :P

Spam of all flavours! Oh, eww. Spam in different flavours?

From Rookie helps team find right channel

Rookies get no respect. Especially when it comes to the remote control.

Niko Dimitrakos was sitting in the Sharks' locker room late Thursday afternoon, watching his alma mater's big hockey game on TV. The University of Maine, where Dimitrakos once starred, was in the process of beating Boston College in the NCAA semifinals, known as the Frozen Four.

And then, blip. Maine was gone, replaced by Tiger Woods.

The Shark veterans, led by Vincent Damphousse, had switched the channel. Like all rookies, Dimitrakos was forced to yield.

``He doesn't get to pick, no,'' said Damphousse. ``The Masters was ahead of the Frozen Four in here.''

Dimitrakos adjusted on the fly. He quickly found another TV in a back room.

``I'll go watch the television in the bathroom if I have to, to see that game,'' said Dimitrakos.

First pro OT goal, first playoff goal ever for Niko. Not bad for a rookie playing on the fourth line, eh? :)

From Sundstrom always dreamed of delivering

"I just wanted to be a mailman," said the native of Ornskoldsvik, a northern Swedish seaport known for producing several NHL players such as Peter Forsberg, Markus Naslund and the Sedin twins, despite its small size and population.

"Deliver mail in the morning, get off early so you can go back to sleep. Unfortunately, it didn't work out, so now I'm a hockey player."

Sundstrom, who has a talent for deadpan, paused before adding, "That was just a dream I had as a kid. Obviously, it changed a little bit."

Neo met some Leafs!

Neo: he and johansson trvael together
Neo: so calle jo was just standing their forced to sign stuff while he waited for rengberg
Neo: but oh lord. Hearing them both talk to each other in swedish was like .. a swedishgasm.

Mae: QUINN!!!
Neo: QUINN was the BEST
Mae: dude he looks so friendly!
Neo: He was !
Neo: He was talking and joking and said I had a cool camera. >.>
Neo: lol
Neo: he was so jolly

Neo: and as retarded as this sounds .....
Neo: Tellqvist put his arm around meh in the photo. *feels like a 14 year old*
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