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Why the obsession with riding?

So I was reading this article The Making of Captain Cool about Steve Yzerman, expecting something kind of sentimental that might make me sniffle, and instead was confronted with full on slash!

The Cup was on the table as they ate breakfast.

"It was 5:30 in the morning, there was dew on the ground, we went to the grill overlooking the putting green," Pang remembered.

They watched the sunrise.

In many ways, Fedorov, the first Wing to match Yzerman's raw talent, was the captain's biggest challenge. In the early days, he rode the young prodigy hard, prodding, cajoling and intimidating him to squeeze out all his talent. Eventually, Yzerman discovered manipulation.

Okay, so this is getting to be absurd, but I still don't quite believe that we're in the playoffs. Like, I know we're in, and that they're starting tomorrow, blah blah. I'm even going to the first game, but... I don't really know it emotionally? In my being? (So melodramatic).

Like, I get all happy and spaz about everyone's career highs, and things like, wow, we have 31 points more than last season, but the way I'm behaving it's like, good job, boys! great season! see you in a few months! rather than ooh, it's just starting.

I am going to fall to pieces. :)

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