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Before I forget

Tammy's in the Bay Area to play lacrosse and she came up to San Francisco to hang out! :D She only got to stay for like 3 hours or so, but it was lots of fun. :) We walked around North Beach together, occasionally bumping into each other because we both don't walk in straight lines. *grin* I assumed it ws my fault because, well, usually it's my fault, but yay! She also doesn't walk in straight lines and we both have no memory. Soulmates! *rolls down hill*

Ahh! We were on a hill! We were on my hill! We could have rolled down it. *grin*

We went to dinner at Pasta Pomodoro and then had tiramisu at... uhh... at... some cafe, there are so many of them. And walked and talked. Good times. :) *hugs her*

*peers around* I uhh, wantedtheCanuckstowinlastnight. It's for Operation Infinite Justice (henceforth OIJ™), though, so it's okay. And umm, other Sharks fans agreed so I don't feel as bad, but... it feels so weird wanting another team to beat us! I'd like thing to end up Canucks NW division champs and Oilers in the playoffs, but that would require either of a pair of outcomes that both involve an OT win in the Oilers/Canucks game, so that seems unlikely.

We're playing the Blues in the first round. Honestly, I haven't really fully absorbed the fact that we're even in the playoffs, let alone 2nd in the west.

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