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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thorty 2

100 points

Franchise record! *heart swells with pride* *has Wayne's babies* Not that Wayne. But yeah, I was weeping last night.

For some reason, Drew was wearing a bright pink shirt yesterday, and much was made of it by Drew and Randy. I heard the phrase "pretty in pink" and then some ferocious flirting and... and... I guess it wasn't as bad as the time they talked about bruises and showing bruises in various places and... right, that's enough of that.

*still glowing with Sharks love*

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*smishes you* :D

eee I love your annoucers hehe


They're really great. :)

*hgs the sharks* and after last year as well, I wish all re-building went as well as theirs *licks Alyn* I still miss him even though going was the best thing for him hockey wise.

"pretty in pink... isn't he..."

Our GM claimed that they weren't rebuilding, and we all went "ha ha ha". :P

I didn't think that Alyn was very Sharky at first, but he's really changed my mind. :)

Brudder done good!

*hugs you*

Congrats on the 100 points!!!

He looked like he almost cried last night.

*hugs* Thank you! :D

Congrats on the first ever (hopefully last [smiles]) 100 POINTS!

LOL! *hugs* Thank you, Dev. :)

Awww. No problem. :c)

I still hope the Stars make it to 100!

*hugs you* Yay for franchise records! :D

*hugs* Thank you, Em! I'm super excited!

Congrats to your boys! :D

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