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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thorty 2

Kissy kissy

According to this article, Nils and Korky were on the kiss cam in Phoenix.

And the kiss? Didn't happen. Ekman threw his arm around Korolyuk, leaned in, then backed away. With a big grin, of course.

I wonder what Korky's reaction was? :P

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Oh my god! Thursday at the game here we were talking about that! We were agreeing they should put Nils on the kiss cam coz we were sure he'd do it!

I want to see!

I love when they do that shit. They did the kiss cam at the Blues game last saturday and I was so hoping they were going to put 2 Blues on there, but they never did. :c(

Guerin blew Modano a kiss in Colorado's kiss cam. ksdjflkasd I wish I had gotten to see that!

I heard that Modano was really uncomfortable. :P

I know. I wish he would have said something about not wanting to cheat on Brett. But noooooo stupid Billy Retard Who Gives Money to Even Bigger Retards had to say something.

kjdlkjsdlkjskldkJAS his retardedness has really seeped into his brain. Poor Guerin. :c(

Haha yeah... I'm surprised Guerin would do something like that. Modano is just so beautiful, he can't resist.

LOL, I thought it was the dumb blonde air that was attractive. :P

heee!!! they need to do that more often just to see ;)

You know Sasha. He looks so freaked out any time anyone tries to hug him after a goal! I think he has problems with intimacy. Mr Nils could help him with that. :)

That sounds vaguely threatening!

At a Sharks/Blackhawks game a few years ago Steve Sullivan kissed one of his teammates, but I can't remember which one. It was hilarious!

LOL! I wish they would do that more often. *giggle*

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