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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thorty 2

Squish squish

Ugh. I think Tammy got me sick. :P *cough* *cough* Just coughed myself to tears. My eyes hurt anyway because I'm short on sleep and crying hurts them more. *whine*

I went to last night's game against the Flames with Lira *tacklecuddles her* It was raining yesterday, but I figured, oh, pussy California rain, so I decided to walk to the BART station because I wanted to stop by the post office and mail the Winnie the Pooh onesies that I bought for my niece from Disneyland to my sister.

It was not pussy California rain.

I was thinking of taking a bus instead, but all the bus stops along the way weren't sheltered. And because it like pretty much never rains heavily, the drainage wasn't equipped to handle the volume of rain and there were like mini-rapids flowing on the road, along the kerb. That I waded through with the sneakers that are not waterproof or water-resistant, as I discovered to my dismay.

So, squish squish I go, shoes, socks and lower half of jeans completely soaked. When I got to the BART station, I was literally wringing the water out of the cuffs of my jacket.

But but but I got to see Lira and the Sharks won! So it was all worth it. :D

I love our announcers. They talk about things like how Vesa changed the color of his hair (I didn't really notice that myself), and analyse dives the way you would a play or a fight. Saprykin's was "outstanding". :D Speaking of dives, right now I'm watching the Wings/Avs game, and apparently Floppa drew a penalty against Maltby, and it's like, a first-class diving duel! Looks like Floppa won. I'm just being silly, they didn't replay it so I don't know if it was a legitimate penalty or not. :)

They had interviews with Hatcher and Kariya before the game, and Hatcher did not look particularly neanderthal! (At least until he started talking) It's possible that the ESPN guys have discovered some special camera angle to deal with it or something.

Oh! At warm ups last night, Wayne Primeau initiated a clandestine rendezvous by stretching enticingly at center ice. Sure enough, Rhett Warrener skated over and started chatting him up. This boggled me briefly, then I remembered that they were both Sabres. Shortly after, Curtis Brown skated over and he and Warrener stood back to back and talked surreptitiously for a while. It was all very cloak and dagger. And incredibly obvious. :P

I wonder if Korolyuk was being especially good defensively cos' Sutter was in da house. *grin* He played on the PK, hustled to beat out icing... I wouldn't have been surprised if he blocked a shot. Actually, no. I'm always surprised when he does that. :)

Nabby looked really good last night. I don't fault him for the two goals he let in. Maybe he could have controlled the rebound on the PPG better, but he looked really comfy, really sharp.

And because this is too cute, not to share... this is from the latest Sharks program:

McCauley, consequently, met his wife at the age of four (no, that's not a typo.) "I had a little bit of a crush," McCauley said with a smile. "About as much as a 4-year-old can have on an 8-year-old."

However, McCauley waited until he was 15 to ask Nicole for a date. "Her brother was my left winger in minor hockey," he said. "It took me all of 11 years to work up then nerve to talk to her."

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*dries you off with a fluffy towel*
*buys you a shiny umbrella*

Awwwwww... I hearing nice stories about Brudder Wayne.

*hugs* Glad you had fun! I tried to watch but fell asleep :(

Ahh, thank you. :) My feet were freezing last night and it felt so good dangling them next to the heat vent. :)

Wayne is great. :) He really should have more goals but he hits the post a bunch.

*hugs* Thank you! Hee, I can understand you falling asleep during that first period...

gah *cuddles* I hope you feel better and that is not fun rain to walk in :(

and also *squeals to desperate levels at alyn* So cute!

*cuddles* Thanks. Good thing it wasn't especially cold. :P

*cuddles Alyn*

You were there! And didn't come say hi!

*shrieks* I missed the pre-game warmups, but branwynelf was there, and she was telling me that Nabby went over and whapped Kipper on the butt with his stick once, when they were both at center ice, and that many of the Sharks skated over to him and was hitting his pads and stuff. It made my heart swell.

Yah! What she said! Horrid mean Mae!

And yah, I'm still peeved I didnt' get a picture of the tender Nabby/Kipper moment. Honestly, it was really awesome - as was seeing so many of the boys acknowledge Kip. :)

I wanted to come by but I was at the exact opposite of the Tank from you, so I would have walked over said hi, and had to go back right away. :P

Yeah, so much love for him! I think everyone is really proud. :)

It's possible that the ESPN guys have discovered some special camera angle to deal with it or something.

*dies* Can you picture the staff meeting that led to that? "Okay, ladies and gentlemen, we need to discuss the Neanderthal Issue..."

I thought it wasn't possible to love him more. Ahh!

I hope you feel better soon!

I was at the game too, but, uh, I didn't actually get there until it was about halfway over. :/ Fortunately I didn't miss any scoring. That may have been the most exciting finish of any game I've attended. :D

And that story is so cute!

Thanks! *cough* *sniffle*

Hee, you picked a good game to arrive late at. :P Dude, it was crazy! And Vinnie is really turning it on. Did you see his sweet goal last night?

*tickles Alyn*

I did see that goal! :D It was so awesome.

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