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Hello from the past

I'm stuck on Sunday, which is when bkm5191 unleashed a torrent of hate!fics upon the world. And so because I'm weird that way, I haven't like really read any later entries because I have to read in order. Or something.

Allie In general I don't like introspective fics or abuse-ish fics, but you wrote this so well that I liked it. :) All your images and descriptions were so evocative. I also love that concept of Kyle being almost like a drug, filling in the parts of him that are missing.

Kate I like that analogy of Tony taking the hit with what might happen to him in the city.

Fi Funny stuff. :)

Nicky Vicious cycle! You wrote that well. :)

Flannery Okay first of all you wrote something that was under 2000 words. I feel less inferior now. :P I love how immersive your fic was. Like all your fics are like that. Your boys are so real, because of all these details about smells, sights, sounds, and their feelings are so real too. *loves*

Anna So funny!

Maria See what I wrote for Flannery. :P Also, I always love it when people use on-ice stuff as an analogy for off-ice things. The worrying about how he will be affected when Stevens comes back.

Robyn STEAMROLLER! Chip used to do that to me. When he weighed 230 pounds. I think he figured out several steamrollers later that when I said "don't do that" I really meant it! ;)

*geeks out about pirate game* So, my pirate crew has been absorbed into another one for political reasons, as far as I can tell. This makes me sad. :( However my new captain has posted a swordfighting guide that promises that I can defeat brigands in 15 seconds! It's like pirate Viagra! Yar! (Or anti-Viagra since it makes battles go quicker? Something like that.)

It's been almost a week since I went on the Sharks road trip so I don't really uhh... remember much anymore. >.< It's a good thing that tersa has a better memory (okay, a memory at all) than me and wrote all about it!

To add to that, hockey geekage! So much fun! Unfortunately, there were no TV shots of us chomping on either day. *pouts* I think it's because we were on the same side as the press. There was lots of footage of the two guys who painted their faces teal and white for the Kings game though. :)

Ducks fans do indeed all seem to be twelve years old. Petr alert! Okay, so he didn't score against us (Yay!) but he did do is trademark land on his back and fling his legs into the air move! Usually a hit/hook of some kind is necessary to make this happen, but when it doesn't, he does it himself. Like when he jammed his stick under a goalie's pads (ostensibly to try and stuff a puck in) pushed down and knocked himself over.

So, that game was no different and I saw him do it live! *squeals* I forgot to look out for the constant crotch adjusting, though, as I mostly watch only Sharks players when I watch Sharks games (fancy that!), but I'm sure it happened.

I may or may not have screamed YES! when Kyle(?) touched Petr and he fell onto his back, legs straight up. It was the icing on the cake of the Sharks win. :)

While I'm (obsessing) on this, he did it last night too after his open net (kindly cleared by a pile of about 5 players shoving Vokoun aside) goal. A Pred hooked his leg lightly after the goal, and he sprawled onto his back, joyously throwing his legs into the air as he hoped for someone to leap onto him and roll around with him, Vinny-style.

Okay, possibly I'm projecting my own thoughts at this point. :P

Nabby has kinda' been the suck for the past two or three weeks or so. It started with the week when he was fighting off the flu, and then it seemed that every game after that he'd let in at least one softie. It's a good thing that the offense has picked up recently *mauls Korky and Cheech especially* and that's bailed us out but it was nice to see Nabby playing good last night and hopefully this is a return to previous form, rather than a stand-out in a struggling period. *crosses fingers*

We clinched a playoff spot! Okay, looking at the standings it was reasonable to expect that the Sharks would be in the playoffs from... a few weeks ago, I guess? But I worry about everything. I'm scared of every team in the league. Literally.

I think it's a holdover from last season which is the first season I really started following the Sharks closely. I cheer and clap every time we kill a penalty because I remember being 30th in PK. I am thankful for every game that is refereed fairly and we are not screwed over. I am mostly fine with losses, even critical losses as long as I think the boys put in a good effort, even if it was just at the end of the game. I appreciate all of our hard-fought scoring chances, even when we had so many problems finishing. My heart swells when I see us doing our forechecking thing well. I have a special glowy feeling whenever Patty or Cheech (and Marco before he got injured) score goals because they just are the Sharks, our past and our future. I love that so many of the boys we've taken in from other teams are having career years, and that so many guys on our roster are our draft picks.

I even smile when Kyle McLaren hip checks someone. :)

Right, propaganda moment over.

Time to get ahead of Sunday.

[Edit: Oops, I missed a birthday in there. Happy belated birthday, pipinghell! I hope your birthday was filled with sufficient evil. ;)]

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