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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Mmm, home... bed...

*whimpers* I am so fucking tired right now. Sorry if I leave anything out, I'm just exhausted not inconsiderate. I'm also really forgetful. :P

Sharks road trip rocked. *hugs everyone who went* Hugs especially to branwynelf for organizing the whole thing, and to tersa and Tony. :)

Oh man, I'm even more tired than I thought. I was going to do a short update with just the highlights, but I'm ailing. :P So summary, I'm back! *hugs to everyone* :D

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Glad you made it back home safe! Sorry about the Sharks loss though, those Sharkies need to be better with the 'welcome homes'.

Thanks! It's okay, the Oilers played well, and the Sharks put in effort. :)

Glad to see you got home safely!

It was very nice meeting you. =)


Thanks! It was great meeting you! Luuuuuuuuc tied (umm, some dude) in points! :D

Great meeting you. I hope we stay in touch, I added you as a friend ;)

Hey there! It was great meeting you too. :) I added you back. :D

hey honey *hugs you* welcome back, sorry I am horribly late in telling you that, so when do we get sharks road trip spam *covets this - and is nosey*

*cuddles* Thanks! Oh dear, you know that was almost a week ago and my memory doesn't go back that far. ;)

I will try. :)

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