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Phone Post: Dance on my Grave

Kimmy's meme, from almightychrissy:

Take text from a book, a poem, lyrics, whatever text calls to you, and read it in a phone post.

Mine is from Dance on my Grave by Aidan Chambers. I loved this when I was a kid and now that I think about it, it probably predisposed me to slash. :P

217K 1:01
“I must be mad.

I should have known it all the time.

If your hobby is death, you must be mad.

Don't get me wrong. Mad I may be. Crazy I am not.

I am not a weirdo, not some kind of psycho who goes around murdering people.

I have no interest in dead bodies. What interests me is Death. Capital D.

Dead bodies scare me. They do terrible things to me.

Correction: One dead body did terrible things to me. About which I am telling you now.

If you want to know about it, that is. If you do not want to read about Death, and if you do not want to read about a dead body that I knew when it was alive and still a he, and if you do not want to read about the things that happened to he and me before he became it, and about how he became it, you had better stop right here. Now.”

Transcribed by: harleymae
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