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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thorty 2

Tomorrow I'll be waking up at 3 AM

I woke up at 5.30 AM today. *weeps* I do like being up before the sun rises, though. It's a very special feeling and always puts me in a different mood, maybe because it reminds me of being a kid and getting up before dawn every day, and reaching school and sitting in the canteen (cafeteria) with the same people who got to school early too.

Like Grace Chua who was in my class for two years, and then not for another two, but I never really talked to while we were in the same class. It was our thing to talk about "Twin Peaks". I don't know why. And I never really talked to her much any other time, just before school started, but somehow we had a connection.

And then Brendan in junior college, the V-shaped 5'4" kid who'd talk about cheap whores in Indonesia, always threatened to break up with his girlfriend but never did and could achieve orgasm in 23 seconds. No, he never demonstrated. ;)

He always acted like a jerk, telling everyone details about his sex life with his girlfriend (who incidentally was my classmate for a couple of years and ugh, trauma) but he was really a good person, unlike Gabriel who was the most charming, walk-you-home-from-school type, who ended up cheating on his lovely, wonderful girlfriend.

Oh yeah, I was whining about being up early. I went to bed at 11 because I was so tired and I just ended up waking up even earlier. :(

Of all the teams in the NHL, I admire the Kings the most. With all the injuries they've suffered over the past two seasons, they've never given up and they always seem to find a way to make a game close, even without a lot of their key players.

Cheech! Okay he's so uncoordinated that occasionally when he tries to celebrate a goal he falls down, but the moves that boy has. *awestruck*

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*giggle* Just extrapolating. Yesterday I woke up at 7, and today at 5.30, so it'll be 3 if I continue the trend. :P

Oh good! I thought it had to do with the roadtrip and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why you'd be getting up that early to get to a 7:30pm game in LA!

LOL! Well, I do tend to get up early when I travel out of excitement, but yeah, that would be a little extreme. :P

I swear, if the Kings make the playoffs, Andy Murray will get the Jack Adams Award. He will deserve it, if he doesn't already.

Cheechoo's first goal was beautiful. I won't comment on his second. :P

I totally agree. It's amazing how he keeps his players motivated.

His first goal took me by surprise, like I was... did he do that? *blink* *blink*

He completely faked Turks out. I mean he just froze, and he caught that itty bitty space between the net and Turk's glove. I was amazed.

I think Murray should win, regardless of whether or not the Kings make it to the post-season. To even be thisclose to making it is phenomenal. They were saying last night that the Kings this year set an NHL record for man-games lost to injury in a single season. And it's not like third, fourth liners. It's the big guys. That they're going to hopefully make the playoffs? Phenomenal. I them.

It's really amazing, I have a lot of respect for the entire organization and how the players have really stepped up and stuck together. It takes a special group to be able to pull off what they have this season. They deserve to go to the post-season, no doubt. And I completely agree with you, Murray SHOULD win, regardless.... but you know how things go. Hopefully the powers that be will have our obviously right opinion, as well. ;)

I am rooting for them to win all their games except the ones against us, LOL! :P

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