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The Invincible M.A.E.

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We rule the world

On NHL2Night, when Melrose was doing a top 5 list of players who need to step up in the playoffs, not only did he list Seriya in one slot - all the others were individual players - but he said Seriya!

Okay so he stumbled as he was saying "Kariya and Selanne" and it came out as "Seriya and Selanne", but still! I think that this is proof that the hivemind is getting stronger. *grin*

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From chat:

ohmigod waaaaade = Frala
MOHO = me

ohmigod waaaaade says:
ohmigod waaaaade says:
MOHO says:
MOHO says:

That about sums it up ;D


Dude, the hivemind is almighty.

Someone IMed me and told me that. I can't remember who it was.. that's weird...

Even Melrose slipped up about the love. :P

He probably reads their slash.

Someone should write slash about my estranged husband, Melrose.

Dude he's so been kissing the Stars' asses as of late. Dumbfucker.

*shrieks* Analyst slash! *weeps*

Is this part of Viva La Revolucion?

Because really... do you read Bucci's column every week? His "Caption This" ALWAYS involves slashy responses.

We need a battle song.

Yeah, our network is very powerful now. :)

Dude, the best part is that the slashy captions are all written by (presumably) straight guys, just like the ones in hockey LJ. *giggle*

Hmm, what would it be?

*throws this in the face of the non-slashy friend who referred to them as "Kalanne"* *rolls eyes*

Kalanne! *shakes head* *giggles*

I was like, "No no no ... it's Seriya. And also Natuzzi, and Hullios ..." The straight boys kind of started freaking out then. ;)

Seriya and Natuzzi are the ones that always burn me with non-slash people because I forget it's not their real name.

*grin* The love is obvious to everyone though, with those two pairs. :)

"I like brunettes." *grin*

sheesh some names have to be kept pure lol.

Dude, Seriya is so much prettier. :)

*bitchin* ... the colorado man-love is taking over the world!! muhahahahahaha!

You know, Bernie commented at some point that Kariya het would be F/F slash. :P

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! OMG that is so fuckin' funny. and so fuckin' wrong! but still funny! lsidjflsdkjfdj!!!!! *pictures paul in a pretty pink sundress*

You obviously have not read Zu's Paul in pink panties spanking fic.

why noooo, no i have not. i made the mistake of reading hockeyerotica.com and that kind of turned me off to any bdsm :\

In general I don't like BDSM, but Frala's are good. :)

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