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Reasons to cry

Well! I have been having a shitty week and so have a lot of you guys, I think? Err, totally not hockey-related, although hockey-related has been shitty too. *group hugs and commiserations*

Short on sleep and stressed, so easy to cry, and... I cried three times today but all for good reasons. :)

1) The lovely miss Flannery.

2) That linesman pretending to fix a hole in the ice so that Trevor could enjoy his standing ovation from the Canucks fans for being the franchise points leader.

3) Drew speaking out against Bert and the Canucks being vilified and defending Bert as a person and pointing out that he's a good person who made a mistake.

Whore has new equipment issues. He doesn't like his mouthguard very much. While sitting on the bench he took it out of his mouth and yelled at it angrily while looking very challenged. It was also dangling out of his mouth as he took a faceoff.

Nabby let in two WTF goals and we still won the game. Like we have let in a lot of goals over the past few games but it's nice to know that we can kinda' suck yet still win games? Of course the best thing would be to not suck. :P Should we give Vesa a string of starts to let Nabby rest recover regroup whatever? He came back from his groin injury playing awesome and I wonder if it would help him.

So I found this Singaporean kid's blog and I'm amazed at how they're all able to write in the exact same way as they speak. Which is how I speak to other Singaporeans and very different from proper English. Example: hey "usuck" dun anyhow insult ppl can?i mean its like ppl r make differentli lohz. Maybe I'll do a phone post. ;)
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