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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Mae needs sleep... badly


So... does a guy swinging his stick at a guy's head from behind warrant a suspension? Or is it cool cos he didn't happen to cause serious injury? Just wondering.

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Mae needs to go to sleep. NOW.

That's what I don't get. It's a double standard.

*sniffle* I can't. Ugh.

It's frustrating. :(

It's the old cliched scenario -- someone goes into a liquor store with a gun to rob it. Odds are he just wants the money, a few bottles and a carton of smokes. When he leaves there and gets caught having shot the clerk dead after the situation went awry, his situation will unfold along the lines of the outcome, not the intention.

Yeah, but that is the difference between severity of the sentence, though.

I'm not sure that in this case there will be any punishment at all, and that's terrible.

Actually, their intention is to use force to get what they want. Their intention isn't to get some ding dongs and twinkies for free.

I don't think you can go into a store wielding a weapon and then say, "Oops, I didn't meant to kill anybody." Perhaps you didn't want to kill anybody, but how often do you hear about about people accidentally shooting somebody?

If you're going to make analogies, you'd have to say that you went into the store, got pissed when they didn't have enough money and shot the clerk in the arm. But because you have bad aim, or they moved, you hit their heart instead and they died. Your intention was to hurt the clerk, not kill him. But at the end of the day, you still fired the gun.

I was thinking the same thing when I saw that. ::shakes her head:: I'm really not sure what else to say...

I guess hey it didn't make the news, eh? Just a game between 2 southeast division teams.

The first time I read this, I read: So... does a guy swinging his cock at a guy's head... Yeah. Lemme get in on that sleep deal, will ya?

LOL, that would be very interesting! *snuggles* You should nap too. I just woke up and showered and I'm a new woman!

And dude your comment in IM, yeah, that is so ridiculous. I think it comes from the whole rape fantasies are very common thing, but the reality of it is that nobody like gets into it. Bah.

huge double standard. *nods* And more peoples suspensions from now on better have add ons about how the person they hurt recovers.

I don't think this "stiff punishment" will change a damn thing. Other than Bertuzzi's career as for now. Put getting a message across to future offenders? Give me a fucking break.

I don't either *nods* trying to look good for american tv, and trying to send a message to other players or correct all the bullshit way to leniant suspensions they have given out shouldnt even be a consideration in deciding this sort of thing

It's a fucking excuse. They're more worried about how they will look if they went any leniant than that. It's their heads on the line. They don't want to look bad.

*hugs your icon* gah its just so, I dont even kow what it is *sigh*

That icon makes me really sad.

*nods nods* me too *hugs it and you again*


I'd love to type normally for once.

You are so cute. *hugs*

The whole thing is so... I guess unfortunate is the word I keep coming up with.

hahah I'm cute? Why?

Dork. :c)

Yeah it is. Disappointing at that.

Oh just the thing about the spelling. It was cute. :)

Ah well, such is the world we live in, blah blah blah.

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