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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Do any Sharks do yoga in the off-season? :P

Glancing at that most trusted non-friends thingie, all it seems to do is go through your friends list, collect all of their friends, and then tally the total and sort it in descending order. That's nice.

Sharks win again. Stars win again. But apparently the Sharks are "treading water" and the Stars are "excellent". Nice going, Barry!

There were clips of Ducklings casino night during last night's game. I was disappointed that they weren't on allducks.com :( JS was surprisingly hot. Petr was in Czech mafia mode. Did he decide that the beard wasn't enough to uglify him and he had to go with a semi-mullet as well? I think he was whining about his wrist to Vinny Prospal. Vinny Prospal didn't seem sympathetic.

Canucks came back from two-goal deficits twice to tie the Avs. As umm... I don't know who... AJ? said, the Canucks should just start every game with a two-goal deficit to start them off well.

So many big trades. I don't know the players being traded that well, as the big trades are happening in the east, but it does make me a bit sad when a player who's been with a team for years and years gets traded. *sniffles*

We get to play the Avs and the Stars next. Oh joy! *weeps* The Stars game is in Dallas, an afternoon start, and on ESPN. I feel as if we should just hand those two points over...

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that game is more than big. :|

gah petr's hair is getting out of control. I like it but I should be ashamed of my hair likes *giggles*

Gah I know, like someplayers shouldn't be traded, and even though it seems exciting for a team I like a lot it's wrong too.

ack avs and stars, we got wings, jackets, then avs again *meeps* Craziness the last bit of the season is going to be.

I actually really like it when it's just kinda' hanging down, but then he like gels it all back and it's like, eww!!!

12 of the 16 remaining games for us are against playoff teams. >.

Holy cats the nucks isnt nearly that bad

Sykie with good hair is kinda a freak occurrence. He needs fashion help. Maybe someone should sic those "Queer Eye" guys on him.

and yeah AJ said that, lol. So true

We're not an afternoon team either, so we break about even.

Hey hey hey. We've been playing well with afternoon starts this year.

But, also, yeah, I'm *extremely* nervous about those two games. And I have stuff planned which overlaps them! *weep!* I'm planning on TiVo'ing them and watching them later the same day, but I'm going to be on pins and needles the whole time. Especially if, *knock on wood*, we actually manage to beat the Avs again. Aigh! Aigh!

Sharks win again. Stars win again. But apparently the Sharks are "treading water" and the Stars are "excellent". Nice going, Barry!

Yea, whatever, Melrose. :P

Shh, don't jinx! :P

Not quite as bad as when we played the Canucks, Avs and Wings in a row >.< but I just know I'm going to be nervous all day.

I do enjoy our low profile very much, though. :)

Sharks win again. Stars win again. But apparently the Sharks are "treading water" and the Stars are "excellent". Nice going, Barry!
Barry? Barry Melrose?
Fuck Melrose. [kicks him] He always does this shit.
The Stars suck. The Stars are excellent. The Stars suck again. THANK YOU, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS! Why does ESPN pay him for his opinions??
He pisses me off -- my stupid husband.

JS is always hot.. even when he's got that nasty grizzley beard. Sykora has a mullet? Oh god, no! Sykora probably wanted Prospal jump on and roll around with him.

Dude. Day games are awful for us, but if you want to hand them over, we'll be more than happy to take them!

Yes, Melrose! But really I kinda' like that he's opinionated even if he's wrong about things just cos' it's... interesting? :P

He was exceptionally hot! Stupid charming Frenchman. It's not quite a mullet, because the top/front is all long, but it just looks so bad when it's all slicked back like that. :(

He wants someone else to jump on him. *grin*

I suppose that explains why last season's afternoon game was so boring. *grin*

Haha I guess I have to agree there. I love listening to him shit talk.

mm.. dude sykora can do no wrong. even if he has a crotch grabbing problem.


Hahaha awww.

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