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The Invincible M.A.E.

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He's only ever happy when Marty comes for him

Cheech seems to put on a show for us. :) Three leg-kicking celebrations right in front us in a row! That's got to mean something, right? Sharks have outscored opponents 14-2 in the last 4 games I've been to, including three shutouts for Nabby. *grin*

Doug Weight is a big flirt. He flirts with the officials constantly.

Drew attributes part of our success to the fact that the veterans have "embraced" the younger guys. Yeah, I'll bet.

Did anyone notice the ref grab Feds' stick yesterday? Just before Feds jumped up and down in response to a Ducks goal?

About Marian, I said to Joolzie, "He's only ever happy when Marty comes for him." Completely innocently. *boggles*

Went grocery shopping with Alex's gf yesterday while we were both hungry, so of course we bought tons of food. She bought enough stuff to feed them for a week and I... bought enough stuff to feed me and them for a week. :P

Wrote a tiny bit of dirty, stinky Bruins fic last night on the train. I wrote from Joe Thornton's POV. Eww, I feel so dirty now. I'm going to have to check my eye to make sure it doesn't look all gross like his does/did. Haven't really looked at him lately.

JS lets in a couple of softies and the Ducklings still win. Hmm. I want to know what Aves said to him that pissed him off! I've only seen him go after somebody once in a Flames game. I love it when the goalies get all feisty. :)

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I love feisty goalies! the sharks should pay you to go to the games ;) Mm martian. Shopping when hungry for me usually means I buy pop tarts lol, its the only time I ever buy them.

*giggle* They so should! Maybe Nabby can catch up to Brodeur in shutouts. ;)

Pop tarts! I like the chocolate ones. Mmm...

chocolate ones are my favourite too :D

yay for Bruins fic, they are evil though. It's that Bear. That bear creeps me out.

They were wearing the bear the most recent game I saw them in. So wrong!

This reminds me. Have you seen the latest ep of Shark Byte? In the "way back memory time" segment (whatever they call it) they show Jeffey scoring in the playoffs 'gainst the Blues and then he's sitting on the ice and someone comes up and leans down to hug him but it totally looks like they open mouth kiss. Mwah! (Steve and I rewound it like four times, finally deciding they were just talking - but the Blues player that skates in front at just the right time really helps the illusion that they kiss on the ice!) hee!

Ooh! I have but I didn't notice that! *shocked expression* I've got the TiVo recording Shark Byte on season pass so I'll watch that bit again. *grin*

The playoffs are coming! *nervous*

(Deleted comment)
*hugs* but Joe... Thornton...

*giggle* Maybe you need to label all your food. :P

we did that when I was college, we all had our own cupboard and part of the fridge *giggle* so silly but it worked

About Marian, I said to Joolzie, "He's only ever happy when Marty comes for him." Completely innocently. *boggles*


*smacking bunnies*

*grin* Not far from the truth I'm sure. :P

Oh... and I forgot to say before... ESPN's NHL Tonight was on and they were saying how it was time to "hop aboard the Cheechoo train".

I have no further comment.

Save... something about the little engine that could?

Considering how friendly he's been with everyone on the team, I think that a lot of guys have hopped aboard the Cheechoo train. *grin*

hi *waves* you've probably heard of me from, oh the 8 or so friends we share in common. i'm not sure how i hadn't stumbled onto your journal, OR YOUR FANFIC before... but i just started reading edelweiss and i CAN'T STOP!!!! oh god you are so good at this :D

so anyhoo... i've added you to my friends list! :)

Hello! Yup, I've seen you in the hockey LJ community and in branwynelf's journal a bunch. :)

*blush* Umm, thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying the fic! *flustered*

Friended you too!

you don't understand! i can't! stop! reading! *AACK* i read all of edelweiss, and all of one week, and now i'm like on page 5 of iris! *dies* thank god i'm so good at my job ;)

Wow! *blushes madly* Hee, I went on a rampage too when I first found hockey slash.

*puts on crack dealer hat* I can point you to other fic sites too if you're interested. :D

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... why... yes, yes i think i may well be!

Hmm, Chrissy's links page is pretty complete, except that it doesn't include her own. ;)

I love Clumsy (Yzerman/Devereaux), Long December (Tucker/McCauley), Lives of Silent Desperation (Arnott/Sykora), Happiness... Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch (Linden/original character).

There's more but I don't want to overwhelm you! *giggle*

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