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He's only ever happy when Marty comes for him

Cheech seems to put on a show for us. :) Three leg-kicking celebrations right in front us in a row! That's got to mean something, right? Sharks have outscored opponents 14-2 in the last 4 games I've been to, including three shutouts for Nabby. *grin*

Doug Weight is a big flirt. He flirts with the officials constantly.

Drew attributes part of our success to the fact that the veterans have "embraced" the younger guys. Yeah, I'll bet.

Did anyone notice the ref grab Feds' stick yesterday? Just before Feds jumped up and down in response to a Ducks goal?

About Marian, I said to Joolzie, "He's only ever happy when Marty comes for him." Completely innocently. *boggles*

Went grocery shopping with Alex's gf yesterday while we were both hungry, so of course we bought tons of food. She bought enough stuff to feed them for a week and I... bought enough stuff to feed me and them for a week. :P

Wrote a tiny bit of dirty, stinky Bruins fic last night on the train. I wrote from Joe Thornton's POV. Eww, I feel so dirty now. I'm going to have to check my eye to make sure it doesn't look all gross like his does/did. Haven't really looked at him lately.

JS lets in a couple of softies and the Ducklings still win. Hmm. I want to know what Aves said to him that pissed him off! I've only seen him go after somebody once in a Flames game. I love it when the goalies get all feisty. :)
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