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Let's get animal

I didn't realize that with our win last night, the Pens are eliminated from the playoffs. I mean, it's not like it wouldn't have happened anyway, but I still feel kinda' guilty!

Last night was one of those goaltender shows on both sides with both Nabby and Spezza's 1A (Chiodo) in net. The Pens are actually quite good offensively, but their defense is uhh... suspect.

I've got this vague feeling that I'm repressing a disturbing memory from last night. Ahh yes, it just surfaced. I believe that Randy said "let's get animal" at some point. I have... no explanation.

Why do I feel so nervous? We don't have a game today. Oh wait, I'm not nervous, I'm hungry. Doh.

I'm watching the Flyers/Bruins game and I miss CC. I'm looking at how the seats are filled and how loud the arena is and I'm thinking about how that would make her happy. Joe Thornton looks like such a serial killer with his injury. Man, who would be the worst possible person to write him with? One of the rookies? Patrice Bergeron or Andrew Raycroft? Maybe both? *weeps*

Umm, yeah, the Bruins are my hate fic. :P And damn, I just got a bunny.

Chara is tall!
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