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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Hunky Todd Bertuzzi

I'm not sure how the topic came up, but Chip somehow ended up answering the question of which hockey player he would like to be.

"Todd Bertuzzi." He says.

"Todd Bertuzzi?" I ask.

"Yes, the one who went on the bicyle trip." He clarifies.

"That's Scott Thornton." I'm briefly overcome by images of spandex.

"Oh." He frowns. "But Todd Bertuzzi is kind of hunky, isn't he?"

I have never professed Bert!love in front of Chip. He came to this conclusion all by himself.

I'm giving him hell at the Sharks/Canucks game tonight.

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spandex Scott *thuds*

Hunky Todd

*hugs chip* heee!!!!

I am so amused lol that rocks, give em hell mae lol

Dude, now that I think more about it, he might have said indirectly that Scott is "hunky" too! *dies laughing*

*giggles* thats sooooo awesome and funny lol

Dear lord. Thornton in spandex? ... wow .. o_o; I dunno if Bertuzzi in spandex would be better though .. oh ... my .... Naslund on the other hand. *growls* Those thighs. >:D

Dude, he looked really good! :) Umm, and, uhh, Bert in spandex ... *ponders* ... Nazzy in spandex ... thighs ... *faints*

I'm sorry but I must mock Chip now LOLOL!!!


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