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His very first penalty shot

I need to write at night, because the next day I can't remember anything. Seriously, I'm borderline Memento guy.

Blue Jackets/Sharks
So I went to the Sharks game against the Blue Jackets on Monday with lastcatastrophe *cuddles her* and Cheech scored on his first ever penalty shot in the NHL and we were there for it! He was basically right in front of us too! *squeals*

I thought it was going to be one of those games when Nabby let in Klesla's--you know I can't even call it a "shot" on goal, so I'll call it a swat on goal instead. :P

We had lots of scoring chances pretty much throughout the game, and Ron Wilson observed that Alyn's line played well in the first, it was Marleau's line in the second, and Reech's line in the third. I love that our lines take turns to be effective, and they each have grit, scoring and playmaking abilities.

OMG LeClaire was insanely good. Especially the save where we was lying on his side and he stoned Thorty in the third period. I shouted, "That's sick and wrong!" Like watching on TV it does look amazing, but being there and seeing it right in front of me, it looked even more incredible.

There was a cool moment too on the Columbus PP when Zherdev had the puck with a clear lane between him and Nabby, and both of them froze, like they were engaging in a staring competition or something! Rat eventually poked the puck away from him, but yet again it felt so different to be there and see it. It felt like the longest time because I was like oh shit oh shit he's going to score while I was there and seeing it on TV it didn't last that long.

What did last a long time was the fight between Parker and Shelley! Damn. 1 minute 20 seconds, says Drew. It was great to see the "experts" going at it. *grin*

Why do we keep hurting Klesla?

Never underestimate the power of smut. Never underestimate the power of Jose smut. That was an awesome game to watch, especially in the third period with both teams playing hard. I was all squeeful about Ryder when they talked about how he made his way from the ECHL to the NHL and he was like an 8th round pick in '99? That's so fucking cool.

Marian was pissy as hell about the penalty he took. I guess he's not in a good mood, eh? (fake!ness) Funny, Marty seemed to be pretty happy. (fake!ness)

Red Wings/Canucks
I may have hugged Daniel again. *whimper* I think at one point they showed Henrik instead of Daniel on the bench. Why can I tell them apart? *weeps*

Daniel is a "Sedin", not a "Sundin", FSN announcers. Thanks. Not all freakish Swedes come from the same family.

So good to see the Canucks get a win. :)

Other games
Yay for Kings shutting out the Preds. Was that Cristobal Huet's first shutout ever? I'm tickled that he's French. Like, did he think, "Hmm, all these French Canadian goaltenders are doing so well in the NHL! Being French, I'm half French Canadian! Maybe I have a shot!"

Yay for Bruins/Islanders 0-0 tie as that's the closest it could get to both of them losing. *grin*

Yay for Flyers!

Yay for Miikkachu shutting out the Avs!

I love watching Gilmore Girls but at the same time sometimes it can be painful/stressful because the problems of the characters hit a little too close to home. But I enjoy the pain! Yeah!

I do really identify with Lorelai with respect to her relationship with her mother. Except that her mother is much nicer, and more understanding and accepting than my mother.
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