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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Just gotta dance

Hey, who's our captain? Personally, I want it to be Patty again because, well, I want him to be our permanent captain, but the idea with rotating captaincy is to try out a bunch of different guys, I guess.

There's rumblings about Stuart or McLaren *twitches* having leadership qualities, but I think of the defensemen I'd pick Hannan. He just seems to be the steadiest, calmest guy I guess. :P

agentirish found a video of the segment slashing Prospal and Sykora! Hee!

Going to the Sharks game today. *cuddles lastcatastrophe* I'm really nervous. I think because it's been a three day break between games and we don't do well in those? (I'd have to check the stats; I could be completely wrong.)

Well, this has been sitting open for a while waiting for me to add more stuff, but... my brain is blank. So, I'm not going to keep the Vinny/Petr "making love" from y'all anymore! *posts*

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Alyn! Alyn should be the C! or at least he should have an A.

Alyn had the C already this season. :)

My master plan is Patty with the C and Marco and Alyn as his As. Good plan, right? :P

Oh man, that was just....that was freaking adorable *squeals* So sexonice.

Ooo, an elfin captain. That would be cool! :)

The headbutting was particularly affectionate!

LOL! Would his As be a dwarf and a hobbit, then? :P


dude I am so saving that video when I get home *giggles madly* Awesome awesome *dies*

*grin* Czech Duckling sexonice! :D

Re: frala Expand

Holy mother of Pearl.

*screams* Oh dear GOD. That was insanely wonderful.
Fan-fucking-tastic. *squees*
I was hoping we'd get to watch that at some point.

(Deleted comment)
LOL, Salei needs to get 2 minutes for slashing. :P

Hee, yw! Glad to share. :D

*spazs* that video just made my day. holy hot petr, and czechsexonice. *dies over and over* i love it.

It made my night! I was squeeing like mad. :)

*DIES* Oh man, the "just gotta dance" kills me. And PETR *swoonmeltpurrrrrrrrrr*

That entire segment was just genius. The captions were killing me and Salei's comment buried me, LOL!

Ahhh thank you! :D -watchs- -faints- -watchs again- -faints some more- -sees a whole site full of vids- -dies-

Ahhh thank you! :D -watchs- -faints- -watchs again- -faints some more- -sees a whole site full of vids- -dies-

*grins* That segment made me so high. Glad you enjoyed! :D

Petr! Patty! *swoon*
That video should be illegal. And I'd gladly be a breaker of the law :))

I don't know if you've seen it yet, but they interview Patty and Marco on Cool Shots this week *sigh* So soverypretty :P Marco keeps making Patty giggle, and I do mean giggle too :)

Dude, I think I made shrieky screamy noises when Salei made his comment. *soinlove with it*

I saw it! It made my heart swell and Patty and Marco are soinlove with each other and so shy and giggly and and and *squees to death*

OMG. Thank you so much for posting that! The captions!

And DUDE "like he's making love to him or something" sounds SO.MUCH.FUNNIER when it's said in that accent! *dies* I love it!

the captions so killed me! And then when Salei said that, oh man! It made my night for sure. :D

Heee, that was great. Thanks so much for the link! :D

A new development in groin status medicine: As an aside, when Dvorak takes the ice today he'll be wearing neoprene shorts underneath his hockey pants. They're much like what water-skiers and wake-boarders wear. The rubber pants will help keep Dvorak's groin warm and loose.

Oh dear me, now they're giving them accessories? I wonder if they'll interview him after the game and ask him how warm and loose his groin was.

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