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Just gotta dance

Hey, who's our captain? Personally, I want it to be Patty again because, well, I want him to be our permanent captain, but the idea with rotating captaincy is to try out a bunch of different guys, I guess.

There's rumblings about Stuart or McLaren *twitches* having leadership qualities, but I think of the defensemen I'd pick Hannan. He just seems to be the steadiest, calmest guy I guess. :P

agentirish found a video of the segment slashing Prospal and Sykora! Hee!

Going to the Sharks game today. *cuddles lastcatastrophe* I'm really nervous. I think because it's been a three day break between games and we don't do well in those? (I'd have to check the stats; I could be completely wrong.)

Well, this has been sitting open for a while waiting for me to add more stuff, but... my brain is blank. So, I'm not going to keep the Vinny/Petr "making love" from y'all anymore! *posts*
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