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So I strained my groin.

My right groin specifically. It's mostly okay and I don't notice it unless I walk up steep hills. Hey, have I mentioned that I live on a steep hill? *wince* On the way back from breakfast (at Polker's, yummiest blueberry pancakes ever with pecan butter and perfect bacon and eggs over easy, I love food) I think I aggravated it and I was limping up the hill and uhh... possibly clutching my groin.

I watched hockey all fucking day yesterday. *grin* I was so pissed at the Leafs for almost losing to the Habs, but God they were so good in the first period. Then they started giving up their lead like they were the Canucks or something and I'm thinking OMG I can't take two teams that play like that! *grin*

I am so disturbed that all these ex-Sharks have ended up with the Flames. The Flames irritate me. The main problem has been that I don't like Jarome Iginla, and he's pretty much the team, hence not liking the team. But now they have Miikkachu, and our ex-porn star Lynn Loyns, and our goblin coach, and it's getting hard to root against them. Bah.

Grr, it was so frustrating to watch the Canucks game. Cloutier was so on and the rest of the team... was not. Hey, at least they got a point out of it? :P

WTF is up with Sauer getting traded? I feel as if I shouldn't write fic anymore with couples that I want to stay together as they invariably seem to get traded.

Some cab driver hit on me the other day. There were so many things wrong with him. First of all he was uhh Thai(?) Chinese but he's lived in the US since he was 5 and his English was so bad. One thing I believe in very strongly is that you should speak the language of the country you live in fluently.

Then he's going on about how he always gets turned down by white girls because he's Asian and I'm thinking, "Dude no, you get turned down because you're a fucking freak." He's got this serial killer nervous laugh and he asks me out even though we've barely talked and not only that he asks me to go to a karaoke bar to sing Chinese songs with him! WTF?!

And I turn him down and he fucking asks me again. I mean does that usually work? Like you ask someone out and they say no really firmly and you can try to like, bully them into saying yes? *twitches*
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