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Phone Post: Czechmates

FSW just did an entire segment slashing Vinny Prospal and Petr Sykora. Really.

The words in quotation marks after the player's names are the captions that appeared onscreen with their names. :)

355K 1:53
“SCHMUCKS: ... in particular it's Prospal and Sykora, the Czechmates who explain themselves and their reactions.

PETR: You know what, to be honest, it's such a great feeling when you score a goal so might as well celebrate, right?
(Footage of Vinny scoring, doing several fist pumps, and slamming shoulder-first into the glass)
BURNETT "CONCERNED": He's getting out of hand, though, I know that.
SALEI "SHOCKED": He can't dance, that guy cannot dance, and he was just trying to.
(Footage of Vinny doing a strange moonwalking thing)
MCDONALD "ONLOOKER": The first time I noticed it was when uhh, Vinny tackled Petr Sykora uhh, and uhh, the two of them were just rolling around.
SALEI "STILL SHOCKED": He just jumped on uhh, Sykora, like he was making love to him or something, I mean those guys are embarrassing, those Czech guys. Unbelievable.
(Footage of Vinny diving onto Petr, who was lying on his back with his legs in the air and rolling around with him and butting his head affectionately a few times)
BURNETT: I was afraid for Petr there.
PETR: 18,000 people are looking at us and thinking what the hell are those 2 guys doing out there?
LECLERC "CONFUSED": I don't know, man, I don't know where he gets it from.
MCDONALD: He's on the edge right now, he's on the brink of running up some fines from the team.
PROSPAL "JUST GOTTA DANCE": I just believe there's never enough goals, not even in practice, and especially not in the game right now, and for me to score a goal, it's a great joy, and that's why I celebrate the way I celebrate.
(Footage of Vinny scoring his first hat trick and Petr slamming him into the glass after it)”

Transcribed by: harleymae

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