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Why no, I am not sleeping with your husband

Blah, I feel like I've been stressed for a week. Hey, actually I have been stressed for a week! At least I caught up on sleep. At the same time as Kennedy, apparently. Coincidence, Kate, coincidence! :P

Sharks game was... hmm, when it started it seemed like it was going to be one of those games. Ruutu leaves his feet and hits Preissing from behind, actually knocking him out for a while, and no charging or boarding penalty called.

As for the game itself, we were... like I feel silly complaining when we won 6-3, but I prefer that we're really solid defensively to scoring 128096702 goals. It's nice that we got 2 PPGs and the PPG they scored on us was kinda' fluky, but I just feel a lot more comfortable when we keep our GA to 2 or less. The way we played makes me uneasy. I mean the Hawks just lost their top 2 players. I think pretty much any team would have beaten them.

The Sens were irritating. Maybe they'll learn the lesson that they can't get away with playing half-heartedly and still getting wins. I mean if they'd played as well as they did in their tie with the Caps they'd have won that game easy. How can a team of such great individuals be so annoying collectively? :P

I just realized that I really miss writing. It's not so much that it's fun, because sometimes it isn't, but it's very satisfying and it's one of the things that de-stresses me. Hmm, Frala seems to have had similar longings. *hivemind*

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