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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Mmm, no... sleep...

I was going to write a "oh how crappy I feel right now" post but then I realized that I feel too crappy to have the energy to write it. :)

So instead, I spam this article (Now, That's San Francisco Nothing like a few thousand gay marriage ceremonies to reignite your urban pride) that makes me so very proud of my city. :)

For all you Sens fans and "fans", agentirish went to the Sens/Caps game yesterday and wrote a post about it. *loves* SDQ, note that an impartial third party observed the copious amounts of Martian love. They even both drink bottled water!

Since my memory doesn't really go back more than... a day at best, let me just squeal about Cool Shots this week. They featured Patty and Marco being interviewed together, which by my interpretation is the NHL legitimizing their love, LOL. Patty has a black eye in the interview. I love love love that Marco admitted that he was surprised that the Sharks are doing as well as they are. :)

I'm watching "The Season" and I haven't seen any Paul crotch-grabbing yet. I must pay better attention to the show.

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Dude that post *splodes* Eeeeeee. :D martain love and spezz and alfie haha, and ridiculously hot!!!

'fans' *giggles*

Ohhh I gotta remember to watch cool shots :)


That post so killed me, and Alfie and Spezza skating around together, arms around waist is such an image!

*grin* I consider myself a "fan" for now.

Hee, they were really cute there. :)

*nods* I am so a "fan" as well, working on eh bunny ears though ;)

hehehe so cute of an image :D *loves* I need to go look for the pics I have of them together and maybe make an icon :)

Oh the crotch-grabbing is SO there. *laughs*

hope you feel better :)

He's blatantly grabbing and scratching at his crotch while he's sitting in the locker room. I can't remember during which part, though. :/

Cool, thanks! I'll look out for it. :)

I've been pimped. Thanks! *blush*

*giggle* It was a very swoonful recap. :D

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