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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Queer Eye for the Hockey Guy

Angel is a puppet! Bwahaha! I am so looking forward to that episode. *sniffles at series being cancelled*

Outstanding hockey day:
  • Martian love. I dreamed about Marian cupping the back of Marty's head and pulling him in for a kiss during a goal celebration. Who scored? Marty? Marian? The other team? Who cares! Marian kissed Marty. :D
  • The Sabres are going fucking insane. I would love for them to knock the Isles out of the playoffs. I also feel somewhat grateful that we escaped from Buffalo with a 2-1loss given that the Sabres have scored 21 goals over 3 games. Damn.
  • I am actually happy that the Blues won despite liking the Yotes more as they advance Operation Infinite Justice. Mwahahaha!
  • Go Jackets!
  • Darcy, Owen and CS scoring goals in the first period. It's like the fic production crew! And Tellqvist in goal makes me think of ...who is like god? And then I start crying.
  • Ducks are trying to kill me by interviewing Sauer, Petr and Carney in a row. Like Petr alone was enough to kill me and his babbling and rambling and his eyes are kinda' greenish hazelish and... and then they interview Petr during the second intermission! They're really trying to kill me! He has crazy swirly hair that looks like a bad comb-over as tamiflu said, and he's trying to be really serious but the hair, the hair! JS stoned Whore a lot and he and Salei trapped Whore in his net. *giggle*
  • I... I may have hugged Daniel Sedin last night. :( But he's the okay one. Hee, ref sticking hand down Cloutier's pants! :D

*takes deep breath* So much to say about the Sharks but I think I've said it all already. Hmm, holy hell there was a lot of hitting, and so glad that Reech's line all got goals, cos' they'd been working pretty hard (as always) and Cheech and Thorty hadn't scored in a while. *sighs* And jeez, Marleau's line looked like the Sens in the first. Eep! :P

Okay, this is very important. Can somebody please tell me the context of Drew's (or Randy's) "Queer Eye for the Hockey Guy" comment? I didn't have TiVo going for that game so I just heard that and cracked up for like a minute. Like I vaguely know it followed a bout of flirting, but that's it. :P

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Queer Eye for the Hockey Guy

Y'know, I'm sorry, now, I didn't re-wind to listen to that section of the broadcast again when "Queer Eye for the Hockey Guy" came springing out of the background chatter of Randy and Drew. But, unfortunately, I don't know what brought it on, either.

Although, the other day, I think during the Columbus game, Drew and Randy got into a long chat at how Randy wished he could pull off Versace suits the way Vincent Damphousse can, and look good in them--and then I think commented that he wished he could *afford* them. :)

Re: Queer Eye for the Hockey Guy

Speaking of Vinny, they had a thing on HNIC where they profiled him and I swear he looked like ten years younger. And he really looks like his mom. :)

your announcers rule *giggle*

mmmm nice dream :D

who is like god *loves*

*giggles* the sedins like hugs ;)

*shrieks* You polluted my LJ with a Sedin icon!!!

That dream made me so, so happy. I was like *squeaks* Consummation of Martian love!

Why does Petr want to look like Jesus?

LOL! You know who he looks like is one of the Goths from the History Channel's Barbarians series. Especially now that his hair is longer.

Another thing from last night's broadcast...

...which I was just reminded of by the hockey community post.

Drew and Randy were discussing at some point the rumors swirling that Dallas might be after Shayne Corson. Later on in the broadcast, it may have been shortly after Thornton or Cheechoo scored, Randy commented, "Yeah, I bet Dallas is wishing they'd held on to him [Thornton] a few years ago." And Drew said quietly, "Yeah, if they did, they wouldn't have to be pursuing Corson now," in a faintly deragotory way.

It made me go 'squee!' and get all warm and glowy. :)

Re: Another thing from last night's broadcast...

You know, I watched NHL2Night after the game and Barry and Bucci basically said the exact same thing! It made my heart swell. :D

first of all...
Angel is a puppet! Bwahaha! I am so looking forward to that episode. *sniffles at series being cancelled*
A puppet? Ew. the series is being cancelled? How sad. I'm behind in times.

second, Sykora needs to stop scoring against us. Second I've decided he has crabs. Yes. He didn't have them in New Jersey.. he got them in Anaheim. I think Kariya gave them to him and the poor Czech just can't get rid of them. Hench all the grabbing, adjusting, & scratching. Man I know how you and Tammy kept saying he's always doing it. He couldn't stop last night. Right after he scored, he's on the bench fucking with his shit. I was like "Dude come on.. just go 10 minutes without touching your genitals."

Man he looks so hot with his long sweaty hair dsfkasjdf. He gets off scoring against his bf's new team, you know.

Yeah, he gets turned into like a muppet or something. It's hilarious-looking. Hopefully it will get picked up by another network, but... :(

He scores against us all the time too. :( He's the Pacific division killer or something.

I think he did have them in NJ! I have video cap evidence of him in full crotch grab mode in Devils jersey. He has major genital issues.

The long hair does look good on him. He gets off on scoring in general. *grin*

Oh yeah, and at a Ducks/Wings game that joolzie went to, he adjusted his crotch during a play.

I'll have you know that SDQ told me, via IM, that should the possibility arise that she would marry a Sedin, she's calling dibs on Daniel. So you better watch out, you're hugging her man.

And a hug? Oh dude, it's only downhill from there. Mwahaha.

Dude, if I had to I would so pick Daniel too. *shudders*

petr & crabs & adjustment, et al.

1. Sykkie always used to adjust in Jersey too. This is not a new development.

2. I hope he seems happier in Anaheim. The last few months he was here, he seemed really just... down.

3. Jose Theodore still takes the cake on adjustment of any kind, considering he likes to reach down the front of his pants after untying them to adjust, and generally right in front of me during pregame.

Anyway... just my notes.

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