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The Invincible M.A.E.

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This picture is really sweet and kind of embodies how I feel about gay weddings.

We won in OT! *jumps up and down* Denis was about as amazing as I've ever seen him and holy hell did he stop a lot of shots. I thought we were done for when Rick Nash got that 1-on-0, heh, but he hit the post. Since we hit like 2805076 posts, it's like... conservation of posts. Or something.

Didn't realize that we held them to no SOG on the PP in OT. *proud* Find it funny that the last person who scored in OT was also Marco almost a year ago. He'll just be SHG guy (not to be confused with SHG) and OT guy for us, I guess.

JS was really good last night! But why does it have to be against the Canucks? :P I love love love the Bert/Carney thing before the game, especially where they mention that they look alike Bert says he's better-looking than Carney and Carney takes it as a compliment when people think he's Bert. *giggle*

*shoos look-alike bunnies away*

Time to start work. :P

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Aww. Makes me want to have a gay wedding now.

I wish I could have seen that Carney/Bertuzzi thing. Classic.


It was great! They look sooooo much alike. *grin* They were all gushing about each other and Carney just kept repeating how big and strong Bert is. :P

hahahaha oh my god. Carney's so digging the big fuck and Bertuzzi's playing hard to get as usual.

I love it. <3

Well, you know he's probably just trying not to make Markus suspicious. *grin*

oh mae, do it. You know you want to. Otherwise he will haunt you thoughts day and night. You won't be able to do anything for thinking of it.

Ok, I'm lying, but do it anyway?

Old man hands make you think about gay weddings? *G*

js was soo good *g* I was yelling at him eventually hehe

ohh dued bert and carney made me ten differnt kinds of squigglish :D *pokes bunnies back* :D

bah on work

Yeah, he was basically on every loose puck and kinda' twitchy and jumpy. Which is not how he usually is, but it worked for him last night. :P

*giggle* It's a sweet and grumpy pairing. I think Carney should be able to handle Bert since he has triplets.


*nods* he was pouncing and stopping liek crazy. it certianly did work

awwww yeah triplets should be a good warm up for berts hahaha


Bummer, I missed the Keith-Todd action!

I so like it when those two are matched up. :D

This doesn't have much to do with your post, but everytime I see "JS" I think "Jayess" and giggle and why yes, I'm a dork. *chitters*

*squishes Bert*

*giggle* She came up with such cute names for everyone. :)

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