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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Butterfly effect

*dies of squee* SDQ! Did you see the clip of Jocelyn Thibault playing the drums? Live Mic. He says, "I've always been a music freak." *squeaks* And his wife doesn't like the noise so when she's gone he plays them. He's like a little kid!

*steals spam from certainthings* Senators superstitions. I want to know what Marian's superstitions are, damn it! Also, Neil and Fisher? How many fucking couples are there on that team?

Alfie says "vice-a verse" instead of "vice versa". Silly Swede.

Watched Ducks/Flames tonight. Every time they play, I can't help but think of roast duck. Miikka is doing well for them, and he has a cool mask. I'm happy for him. :) Petr played so hard tonight. He even checked someone hard and took them down, possibly in retaliation for a hit that guy (Gauthier) put on him! He looked very smiley and happy on the bench after that. That hit was so unexpected. Like his slapshot.

You know how the tiniest things can completely change your life? I'd never even heard of Stanford when I was in Singapore. I only applied because my oldest sister suggested it because they designed some FM synthesis chip there. So yeah, huge life-changing event there.

Then there was meeting Chip in my freshman dorm. If I hadn't met him I would probably have become an electrical engineer, and not a programmer, which is okay, I suppose, as I could probably have done the work, but being a programmer is so much more fun. And I probably wouldn't have remained in the US. And I would probably... hmm, okay, too depressing. ;)

Oh dear people are waking up and I'm just about to go to sleep. Eep.

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(Deleted comment)
Really, they don't? Why don't they listen to Francophone music?

*hugs* Thanks very much, Allie, that's very nice of you. :D

*hugs you* it's weird right? If my flatmate hadn't decided to get a dog we never would have moved to the country and had a spare room and met Lee and I never would have come to canada and never would have known what hockey was.

I keep missing the clips! they better have a wrap up show where they show them making idiots of themselves :)

Gosh, I hadn't even gotten to the hockey part!

LOL, I'm sure that they will! I decided to avoid watching Laraque do "Ice Ice Baby" >.

*dies of squee* I love him SO MUCH. And hey, you know how he's learning to play the guitar? You know who plays the guitar?

How many couples? A lot, that's how many.

Ahh! Jose's teaching him how to play the guitar! They can be music freaks together. :)

The team is a regular lovefest!

Eeee thank you for the Live Mic link! I've been looking for it since I saw Thibault's drumming on TSN. I missed yesterday's since I didn't know when second period was on :D

Ahh, glad that you enjoyed it! I'm fearful of looking at the Laraque one.

The first part of him singing the TSN song was quite so-so (off-key)

but the rapping part was better, more rhythm, less singing lol

See, someone told me that he does it to "Ice Ice Baby". >.

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