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Spammity spam!

Umm, so my captain is a slut:
``I wanted everybody,'' the Sharks center said. ``And now that I've been here and got to know them, I can talk to a few guys when we play against them and maybe get their stick.''

For flanneryflyer and vivelegardien:
`He told me right after the teams were announced, Mike Ricci came and told him about it,'' Keith Primeau said. ``My brother said, `That's not funny.' Mike says, `No, no, really, your brother's on the All-Star team.'

``At that point Wayne was ready to punch him, so a couple other guys said, `No, he's serious.' But it was as much a shock to me as it was to him.''

Also, I forgot to mention it, but Drew called Panger a "good-looking, young man" during the Yotes game. Randy was quiet for a bit after that declaration.

I appreciate that the boys played a real hockey game for the ASG. Supposedly we don't want that for an ASG because we're supposed to try and lure new fans in with the event? Well, I think...

I agree with this article: Goal-oriented. I think that in order to make hockey more accessible to the average person, it would mean sacrificing what makes hockey great.

I've seen it happen with video games. Counterstrike is crap. It's popular because if you can barely avoid shooting your foot you can still go in, play and have fun.

(Deleted some stuff ripping on other sports. Don't have the energy to support my arguing my position properly.)
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