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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Spammity spam!

Umm, so my captain is a slut:
``I wanted everybody,'' the Sharks center said. ``And now that I've been here and got to know them, I can talk to a few guys when we play against them and maybe get their stick.''

For flanneryflyer and vivelegardien:
`He told me right after the teams were announced, Mike Ricci came and told him about it,'' Keith Primeau said. ``My brother said, `That's not funny.' Mike says, `No, no, really, your brother's on the All-Star team.'

``At that point Wayne was ready to punch him, so a couple other guys said, `No, he's serious.' But it was as much a shock to me as it was to him.''

Also, I forgot to mention it, but Drew called Panger a "good-looking, young man" during the Yotes game. Randy was quiet for a bit after that declaration.

I appreciate that the boys played a real hockey game for the ASG. Supposedly we don't want that for an ASG because we're supposed to try and lure new fans in with the event? Well, I think...

I agree with this article: Goal-oriented. I think that in order to make hockey more accessible to the average person, it would mean sacrificing what makes hockey great.

I've seen it happen with video games. Counterstrike is crap. It's popular because if you can barely avoid shooting your foot you can still go in, play and have fun.

(Deleted some stuff ripping on other sports. Don't have the energy to support my arguing my position properly.)

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``At that point Wayne was ready to punch him, so a couple other guys said, `No, he's serious.' But it was as much a shock to me as it was to him.''

*bwahahahahahaha* That's too funny that Wayne was wanting to punch Reech. Okay, when I *really* think about it, it's not funny, but Wayne's incredulity is. :)

I liked the ASG just the way it was. I loved J.R.'s absolute joy at *being* checked by Tkachuk. I liked the fact that they mentioned that Keith Primeau was playing physical, not ignoring who and what he is to sacrifice to the marketing gods of hockey. I liked the broadcasters being utterly poleaxed by the fact that the players were backchecking and playing defense even when there was regularly only one defensemen back because the other one was pinching.

I thought it was a *fun* game to watch; even though there was low scoring for an ASG, the *flow* was there. Christ, I don't think they took their first commercial break until 12 minutes into the first, because there were no stoppages of play! No penalties, no two line passes, no icing, etc. Man. I want to watch games like that all the time!

I think the players are very amused when Reech gets bashed up! Like remember when Thorty said the funniest thing that's ever happened during a game was when Reech got cut 4 times during a Stars game?

I thought it was a great game! I'm kind of amazed that they could just throw a bunch of guys from different teams together and have it turn out that way. :)

Good stuff, good stuff.

As far as changes go--I say make the goalie equipment smaller. That's all that can be done.

But it doesn't really matter when you've got insane-o goalie in net, a defense that block shots, and forwards that backcheck. The athletes are simply better. It's not less exciting, it's just low scoring.

It just means appreciating different things about the game, I suppose. I don't know. I've watched ESPN Classic games, mostly from the late '80s and late '90s and I didn't really enjoy them. Possibly because I don't know most of the players, but if the game really used to be so much better, shouldn't I have enjoyed them despite that?

Well.. they weren't very GOOD. They'd throw a puck on net and the goalie would like dive in the other direction.

I mean, watching old Oilers games with Gretzky--that is just like mind boggling. Like, is it that he's the most amazing thing in the entire world or are the players just really stupid? I mean, obviously, greatest hockey player ever, but I watch it and he's GOING IN SLOW MOTION and I dont' get how they can't stop him. It's like they aren't even trying and the puck goes all crazy wonky. Now the players are bigger and thicker and they grind it out. Back then it was like they were so skinny and little and had sticks that pushed the pucks around.

They'd throw a puck on net and the goalie would like dive in the other direction.
Bwahaha! I love that. :)

I think they're affected by the aura of Gretzky or something. :P But yeah, the modern complaint does seem to boil down to... the players have improved as athletes.

Well, most of it is that if they played tight defense on him, he'd burn them. So they'd rather stay back than look like REALLY big idiots.

They prefer looking like half-idiots.

They should make me goalie. I'd make them all look good.

LOL! thats awesome. also reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech :D

poor randy :(

Dude I think it was a kick ass game, I enjoyed the hell out of watching it! That is a really really great article as well :)

Reech takes so much abuse.

I also really enjoyed how light-hearted everyone was about the whole thing. Big Brodeur smile after his two great saves, Tkachuk and JR, Patty smiling shyly after Theodore robbed him.

*nods nods*

Yeah lots of personality and fun and yeah, it was great

That's a great article, and oh-so-true. Hockey's biggest problem isn't its format, it's that the format doesn't translate well to TV. Can't do a lot about that except force everyone to watch it on HDTV, I guess.

Yeah, being at a hockey game is really great. I have yet to see hockey on HDTV but I can see how that would help. :)

There's nothing like live hockey...

I haven't either, but everything I hear reports that it really does improve the TV-watcher's ability to follow the puck and see plays develop. I can definitely see how it would be a bigger help in watching a hockey game than, say, an action movie.

I saw the fucking HDTV box during the ASG. Like, I think it was showing you that "this much is what you'd see if you had HDTV!" but it was really just this annoying square that made me want to hurt something.

Sorry, that was out of nowhere. Uhm. I really really enjoyed this year's All-Star game. It seemed more like letting the best players play their game as opposed to just a huge offensive free-for-all.

Of course, that means that EVERYONE'S gonna start getting shutouts now and it won't be special anymore ;)

I think of the ASG as a hockey holiday. :) I'm pretty happy with whatever they do, but I really appreciated that they did play it that way, particularly because of Primeau being there.

*giggle* HDTV does a lot more than just give you a wider ice view, fortunately. They couldn't demonstrate that part, though.

Oh, I know, I'm sure it's really cool, I just hated having a useless square on the TV :)

OMG that square. I was like "Okay, enough with the square.... OKAY, enough with the square... GET RID OF THE FREAKIN SQUARE!"

I wonder why no one wants to watch hockey with me?

I agree with you opinion. There is to much interference, so i wish they would cal the rules a bit more, but I mean, what is the point of changing the game to attract people who don't want to know?

I loved that the players cared even though it was a meaningless game. That the goalies still tried their hardest. If people want a mass produced sport that anyone can do, go play softball.

Yeah, I don't think anyone's going to be arguing for the clutching and grabbing. Well, not on the ice anyway. *grin*

Dude, the best thing was seeing the smiles on all their faces and how hard they played while of course making sure not to let it get too rough.

Ahhhhh *loves her captain* I love Preems AND his brudder!

Here's my very condensed spiel on The Game and Changes:

The NHL should cater to the fans.
The NHL should NOT cater to Basketball fans.

I think they should change the game to make it more fun for players and fans, but they shouldn't lose the beauties of the game in the process. I don't want our sport to become football/baseball/roping. I'm afraid of them (and this is why I hate the ideas of the WHA) burning the village in order to save it.

Thanks for the Preems stuff :)

Hehe, np!

Yeah, it's the same kind of thing going on in other fields too, like in movies with the thing always being trying to make it more commercialized to appeal to more people, and ruining it in the process.

I agree, I thought it was a great game. They played hard, and showed that they really care about the game itself, not showing off. And they had a lot of fun while doing it!

Actually I've never seen the ASG as a means of drawing in fans. I've seen it as a special treat for people who are already fans. It's a game that they can watch and not be concerned about winning or losing, and get to see great players from all over the league.

Yeah, I agree. Like a hockey holiday, I said. :D

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