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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Sunny day, sweeping the clouds away...

It's a really nice day in San Francisco today. Warmish and no clouds in the sky. Rode on the back of Alex's motorcyle to the Pork Store Cafe in Haight Ashbury for breakfast. Corned beef hash, mmm.

Bike ride was not as terrifying as the first time, as we were not weaving through rush hour traffic, and was actually pretty fun, especially on a day like this. :)

*cuddles Cheech and Ehrhoff* You boys did good yesterday! I'm squeeing to death at the thought of Christian doing the color commentary for the ASG for German television. :D

I've stopped being a big chicken and started taking ships out to battle in my pirate game. I feel strangely like a boss as I have a team (crew) of people (pirates) to manage and assign to various tasks, and make sure that everything is running and that we win our battles and get booty. I'm the middle management of the pirate world!

Was watching the Sharks/Wild untelevised (for us) game that joolzie taped for me *cuddles her* and it's the game the day after Thanksgiving. Back then:
  • Reech scored a goal
  • our PP was "hot"

Okay, so our PP has shown some signs of life in the past few games, but I believe we're 30th in the league in PP since the new year? *thinks of Whore saying Pee-Pee enthusiastically and starts giggling*

Also, their Center Ice music is pretty low key compared to ours, that's way too jamming (in a bad way).

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There are three different songs they play for the CI interludes. That must not have been the techno one. :)

I think that was the game it snowed a lot and my satellite got funky at the end. :(

You have variety even? :P

Yeah, the video and audio got kinda' stuttery, but only at the very end.

AHOY! you're like the pirate ing but I shall spare you before breaking into the pirates of penzanse songs :P

Dude, my pirate is pretty pimpin'! Noraisha.

Greeeeeat now I'm going to have Gilbert and Sullivan stuck in my head alllll night. *sigh*

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