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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I can spell Leschyshyn

Usually I write about hockey games the next morning because I get tired after watching games and I just want to go to sleep. But I have a horrible memory, and can barely remember anything the next morning; I'm two steps removed from the Memento guy.

Nabby shutout! And well-earned, too, as the Panthers had quite a few great chances. Alyn is a "Panther killer" according to Drew. *grin* Nils is my hero. Marco is our designated SHG (short-handed goal, not scary homeless guy) scorer. From what I've seen, the Panthers haven't been an easy team for East teams to play by any means.

I'm not sure about this by any means, but the Sharks seem to win games whenever Drew and Randy flirt. Like it's possible that the Sharks leading makes them all frisky and that's why they flirt, but you know a game is never over until the very end. Hmm. Anyway, tonight's bout of blatant flirting...

RANDY: We'll be on the road for Valentine's Day--how shall we celebrate it?
DREW: The way we always do, Randy. With a nice romantic dinner for two.
RANDY: How about for three? With Dan Rusanowsky.
And then Drew says something that I didn't quite catch! After I listened to it like ten times too. *pouts* Any of you guys caught it? :)

I love Whole Foods. I bought more caffeine-free chai and this fun salmon stuffed with lobster thing that you just pop in the oven for about 15 minutes. Mmm, getting hungry again.

Watching recorded Sens/Devils. After the first period, I'm thinking, "Defensive teams my ass!"

I think Havlat spends a lot of time on his knees. It's nice.

Holy fuck, how do we have 66 points? *kisses Sharks and gives them milk and cookies*

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I can spell Leschyshyn

*giggles* When I was little, my sister would write down names like his and tell me to try and read them so she could feel smarter when I couldn't. I was like SEVEN!

"Defensive teams my ass!"


So evil of her! But really funny. Well you can look back on it and laugh, or something, eh? *amused that you hate him now*

I bought more caffeine-free chai and this fun salmon stuffed with lobster thing that you just pop in the oven for about 15 minutes.

Can I come over for dinner tomorrow night???

I can spell Leschyshyn

When we were younger, like... probably when Maria was about six, I used to "work" with her all the time (because I was 11!) on reading and math and stuff and we would play school. I used to give her these really long lists of hockey names that were really hard, and she'd NEVER be able to read them (because she was six) and then I'd be like "Haha... you can't read! But I can!" and Leschyshyn's name was one that ALWAYS gave her fits and to this day, she hates him because when she was really little, I used to torture her with his name.

Oh definitely! I think tonight I'm making red curry chicken with bell peppers, zucchini and broccoli. I have 3 pounds of chicken breast so plenty for everyone. :P

LOL! That's so evil of you (yet hilarious) Dude, I can't believe you gave her a complex about his name!

Those damn Sharks. They won't even slow down enough to let us catch up with them. [kicks the west coast teams]

God. I hope Stars win tonight!


Blue Jackets shouldn't be a problem for you guys. Key word: shouldn't.

I think when the Stars play the lower seed teams they don't try so hard which results in a loss.


*kisses Sharks and gives them milk and cookies*

I'd rather kiss the Sharks and give them something else!

Er. :)



Eee! Revenge! (Hopefully)

I think I was like 25 before I could spell Gretzky without looking lol.

*Hugs Sharkies*

Oh god now they are proposing threesomes on tv?? *grins*


Dude, they're getting bolder and bolder!

you are going to have porn on your hands before you know it! Ack, lol

good lord your annouoncers have no shame :)

I am so *heart full of love* over teh sharks. They have rebounded well, I think at the least a nomination for coach of the year honours is heading San Jose's way.

I think they realize that their local audience is down with it. *grin*

*squeaks* Aww, that makes me so happy! That would be great, especially considering he took our PK from 30 to 1, LOL.

I'm breaking up Randy and Drew.

It's for the good of my team.

But theirloveissotrue!!!

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