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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I have been the biggest bitch today

Oy, I was so easily irritated today. I even irritated myself by being so easily irritated. *boggle*

The good news is, I figured out the plots for two fics! Yay!

And tomorrow I'm going to the Sharks/Canucks game!!! Lots of Sharkie goodness and Natuzzi and *giggle* *snort* FEDOR!!! *amused*

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I wanna go! I wanna help the frat brats yell "YOU SUCK!" at people. I wanna sing my national anthem!

Oh well ... I'll be there in spirit.

If I weren't so lazy, I would have made this, or same pic - different caption, into a sign. Teehee!

I'm sure the Sharks will appreciate your spiritual help. :)

LOL! Oooh, that's great!

That's like the pic I used to have of Ricci and someone, can't remember who now, in a post goal hug and it really looks like they're about to kiss.

Hrm, is it this one?

Thorty sure is a whore, isn't he? And I mean that in the nicest way. :)

That's the one! *snickerfit*

Thanks :)

Yay for you! Sharks-Nucks... oodles of fun!

Is this where you have the really awesome seats? I'll watch the game tonight and keep an eye out for you ;)

Yeah!!! I'll be in the third row, near the Sharks bench (on their right). I believe that's where the Sharks zone is 1st and 3rd period.

If the same crowd is around as the last time, we will be the big American guy, the short Russian guy and the Chinese girl surrounded by a sea of aging puckbunnies who have had way too much work done and keep getting up and squeezing past us to buy beers.

*hugs you* Woooo!! I'll miss the very begining but I'll be all squeeful watching *giggle* Have fun!!!

Thank you so much, Frala!!! And I dunno how I'm gonna survive tonight, hehehe. *whimpers*

At least I don't have to yell "Visa Roven" again. :P

*giggles* well you cold, but poor nazzy would prolly drop dead LOL!!!!

*dies* *pictures Nazzy falling over, curls flopping*

*dies* OMG, curls flopping!!!!!

Just so you know, I was planning Swedish Orgy for James' birthday on the way to work (Why am I always writing smut on buses full of people?) and I had the best images of wet curls and such. *grin*


ahhh you're trying to kill me *giggles*

Mmmmm wet curls.. sweedish orgy...

Lucky Mae!!! You need to yell "show me your ass" in Russian just when


skates by! *nodsnods*

*giggle* I'll try it when he gets a good scoring chance ;)

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