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What is this "Superbowl" you speak of?

Wow, Sharks played the worst game they've played since... all season? They might have been as bad in the first loss to Calgary this season. I think Nabby (and a video goal judge) are the only reason we have a point at all. It's one thing to play well and lose, which I accept, but to give a game away like that. *shudder* Amazingly, we did manage to muster some really good chances and could have won that, so that must say something good about the team. :P

Other than that, it was an overwhelmingly good hockey day! *punts Bruins and Isles* Watched the Leafs/Sens game, and few things make me as happy as watching the Leafs (literally) beat the Sens. There's nothing like watching the Leafs when most of them are actually there and not injured. ;)

I watched the Australian Open men's singles final. Patrik Elias vs Ben Affleck, as joolzie says. Elias is the better tennis player. Affleck is more interesting.
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