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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Not to go all you-know-who on you, but I'm fairly okay with the Stars/Sharks game last night. I hear the SOG was something ridiculous like 36-14? But the low SOG was largely due to a very good Dallas D that blocked shots and didn't really allow clear lanes to shoot. We got good chances anyway and Thorty got a PING! near the end. I thought it was an improvement over the last time we played anyway. ;)

Leafs and Ducks won last night and that actually does make up for it, I think! Especially the Ducklings win in OT. In summary:

  • Poni has A Shot

  • pretty goals blended with alarming gnome nuzzling is like winning a vacation only to find out your least favourite relative is going with you

  • Nieuwy to Roberts = pure fucking love

  • Stajan should so be at Young Stars

  • Czech duckling sexonice *disturbed* (Petr was lying on his back - as usual - after Vinny's goal and Vinny lay down on top of him and like... snuggled him and then headbutted him a few times)

  • Petr with long hair is starting to really look like that Goth (historical Goth from History Channel's Barbarians series)

  • JS is such a hockey geek, he was taking notes during the game

  • there was much booing of Teemu and Paul, and on a PP that had Seriya + Blake, it was one continuous boo *loves* (I enjoy booing even if it's of players I like, and the closest thing I can think is that it unifies the fans or something; I was so looking forward to the Belfour chant and then the Leafs play Tellqvist instead even though they played him the night before!)

I am... strongly considering watching the Australian Open tonight because I like Safin. *twitches* I don't feel comfortable with watching more sports! Hockey is like the gateway drug or sometihng. *frowns*

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Yeah. The Stars are looking so much better. Jesus. It makes us happy.

Sorry about your Sharks. Scott was talking so much shit before the game and after the game he was praising the Stars. Awww.

It's nice to see them play better.

I'm not unhappy with how they played. Despite their record, I know every game is a... I don't want to say struggle, but hard for them. Okay, tonight Stars will beat Phoenix, and Stars will beat Nashville! *shakes hand*

Those are gonna be some busy Stars.

Haha Stars will beat Nashville? I'm assuming you mean Sharks. ;c)

Yeah it's really nice to see a struggling team play better. It definitely makes season ticket holders feel better. :c)

I was definitely unhappy how the Stars played prior to this. It was depressing. It was like they didn't even try.

Oops! See if I typed it correctly, maybe we could have beaten them. ;)

Yeah, that's the worst when you can see they're not putting in the effort. *twitches*

(Deleted comment)
He'll still get the chance to go next season, I guess. Jason Spezza didn't get picked either.

It was funny when it was one continuous boo. I'm trying to think of ways that Teemu could get booed in LA too so that he gets booed in all 3 California cities.

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