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Not to go all you-know-who on you, but I'm fairly okay with the Stars/Sharks game last night. I hear the SOG was something ridiculous like 36-14? But the low SOG was largely due to a very good Dallas D that blocked shots and didn't really allow clear lanes to shoot. We got good chances anyway and Thorty got a PING! near the end. I thought it was an improvement over the last time we played anyway. ;)

Leafs and Ducks won last night and that actually does make up for it, I think! Especially the Ducklings win in OT. In summary:

  • Poni has A Shot

  • pretty goals blended with alarming gnome nuzzling is like winning a vacation only to find out your least favourite relative is going with you

  • Nieuwy to Roberts = pure fucking love

  • Stajan should so be at Young Stars

  • Czech duckling sexonice *disturbed* (Petr was lying on his back - as usual - after Vinny's goal and Vinny lay down on top of him and like... snuggled him and then headbutted him a few times)

  • Petr with long hair is starting to really look like that Goth (historical Goth from History Channel's Barbarians series)

  • JS is such a hockey geek, he was taking notes during the game

  • there was much booing of Teemu and Paul, and on a PP that had Seriya + Blake, it was one continuous boo *loves* (I enjoy booing even if it's of players I like, and the closest thing I can think is that it unifies the fans or something; I was so looking forward to the Belfour chant and then the Leafs play Tellqvist instead even though they played him the night before!)

I am... strongly considering watching the Australian Open tonight because I like Safin. *twitches* I don't feel comfortable with watching more sports! Hockey is like the gateway drug or sometihng. *frowns*

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