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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Yum, hockey

Wah, don't want to work. *rubs eyes*

Flames/Sharks game made me so happy. :) Was feeling kinda' crappy before that and then I got to see Patty (who is captain for another 10 games!) score two beauties assisted by Marco (whose wedding he attended in Germany!) and it just made me so happy. *cries happy tears*

Watching record Sens/Stars and I got the TSN feed, and they talked about how Ott was actually rubbing Oliver's leg to try "get whatever he's got". So pornful. Jesus, having to kill a 5-minute major against the Sens is fucking scary. *twitches*

I'm vaguely interested how the PP percentage is calculated with major penalties. Because normally it's PPGs/PPOs, and if you scored 2 goals on a 5-minute major that would be 200%. ;)

We're playing the Stars next. Lucky us. *weeps*

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I'm not really sure how they calculate that... I think maybe the major is divided into two separate penalties? *shrugs* No idea.

"rubbing his leg?"

Ok, that is like Seyria levels of obviousness.

Like, right in front of everyone! I wanna seeeeee!

dude I died at that comment pierre and gor are closet slashers, ever game there is something LOL. It almost makes me not want to stab pierre ;) and thank you so much again for the ronnie spam eeeeeeee

I was like, "Did they really say that?" *rewind* "They did say that!"

Dude, I emailed Drew asking him about which restaurant it is. Dunno if he'll answer but thought I'd give it a shot. :)

heeee *loves*

Ahhhhh I found some spam and got the name of one and also that it said he has more that he has an owersnip interest in eeeee. Ohh if drew does email you back he might know a differnt one, heee.

Oh awesome! It's nice to know what he's up to. :)

Aww for luck! *cries* They're such dorks.

Major penatlies "start over" each time a goal is scored. So the Sens were 2 for 3 on that major last night. If they'd scored only one goal, they would have been 1 for 2. 3 goals would have made is 3 for 4. It kind of sucks because there's no way you can get 100% on the powerplay, but the logic goes that you can only have one goal per powerplay.

I guess that's one way to do it. Seems kind of weird, but I suppose they don't get called enough to seriously skew the percentages.

Hi, Erin! :)

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