The Invincible M.A.E. (harleymae) wrote,
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Yum, hockey

Wah, don't want to work. *rubs eyes*

Flames/Sharks game made me so happy. :) Was feeling kinda' crappy before that and then I got to see Patty (who is captain for another 10 games!) score two beauties assisted by Marco (whose wedding he attended in Germany!) and it just made me so happy. *cries happy tears*

Watching record Sens/Stars and I got the TSN feed, and they talked about how Ott was actually rubbing Oliver's leg to try "get whatever he's got". So pornful. Jesus, having to kill a 5-minute major against the Sens is fucking scary. *twitches*

I'm vaguely interested how the PP percentage is calculated with major penalties. Because normally it's PPGs/PPOs, and if you scored 2 goals on a 5-minute major that would be 200%. ;)

We're playing the Stars next. Lucky us. *weeps*
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