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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Christian Ehrhoff pic

Thanks, frala. :)

Hey, check out our German young star rookie defenseman...

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(Deleted comment)
ummm *mind gutter* umm Tomas Kaberle is sexy as well!

*grin* Especially when he's wearing his high heel skates?

*drops dead on the spot*

God he's got pale baby skin. I really like his eyes and smile too. Or rather, that come hither look and half smirk.

Is that a...purse?

Yeah, he's really, really fair. And it's a great expression. :)

You know, I was wondering about that myself.


Is he like 5?

it said on the message board he was 18 when it got taken ;)

Actually, he's 21 now and he still looks like that! Maybe even younger with his normal expression.


He's got this look on his face like he wants to be supersexy, but then he looks like a little boy!

Maybe he and my Finnish defenseman (who also isn't quite a grown man yet) can frolick at the YSG :)

I believe there will be much frolicking at the YSG.

(And one of us will write about it.)


Is it weird that I have this urge to throw a blanket over him? That's my baby defenseman! /maternal

LOL! See, they're like family, aren't they? :P

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