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Happy birthday, Rebecca!

Joolzie stole sleep from me last night after I stole sleep from her the day before. :P

I now have a shameful addiction to watching women's billiards. :(

Have I squeed about the ASG yet? Hmm, even if I have, I'll squee again. *tackles Patty, Cheech and Christian*

OMG, Canucks segment on "Cool Shots"! I ♥ Crawford, and so much gushing about Bert and Nazzy. And then as an afterthought, Mo gushing as well. Poor boy, always getting neglected. :P Also, when Crawford talked about the Sedins, I thought he hesitated a bit before he talked about them coming from the same mother. Like maybe he was about to say "same vat" instead. Probably my imagination. Uhh, yeah.

I am really fucking disturbed that Jagr and Petr have similar accents that are different from other Czechs. :( Like Havlat and Elias have a similar accent, that's different from those guys'.

I love Oregon Chai. I'm especially appreciative of their caffeine-free version. And how it's just add milk or just add water. Mmm...

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