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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Sleep, glorious sleep

Happy birthday, Bernie!!!

11 hours of sleep! OMFG! *bounces off walls* I'm glad I opted for goldfish and sleep instead of real food and less sleep. *stretches* But I didn't even get to talk to frala last night. *sniffles* I'm pretty sure I'm starving by this point because I haven't eaten properly since Saturday afternoon, but my body is in fasting mode so I'm not feeling anything but the lack of sleepiness. *cackles*

It was nice to see the Canucks win last night! I haven't seen a full game of them playing in a while, so it was great to watch them kick ass again. How is Jovo, though? :( Sabres won, Flyers won and Devils won so it was a perfect hockey day for me! Probably the first one this season (that I've noticed, anyway) -- usually there's too many games on for it to be perfect. ;)

It just amazes me how good the Natuzzison line is. They are just this force when they are on. And also they have fantastic goal celebrations. *grin*

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eeee sleep is good *cuddles*

heee we'll have to talk more to make up *giggle*

*hugs the Canucks* Jovo is out for a little bit according to Crow. He left in a sling and they have called up Obsut. *hugs Jovo*


Yeah, we'll have to. Except that my memory is bad so I won't have as many things to say about last night's game. :P

Poor Jovo. :(

hehe neither of our memories is usually good enough to do that at the best of times *g*

*nods* Hopefully it's not too long of a recovery

LOL, that's a good point! It's okay, it just means everything is exciting and new again! :D

Thank you :)

*hugs* sleep is good for you :)

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