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Trap this!

*weeps with pride*

Maybe this will look different to me when I watch the broadcast but that was the best I've seen the Sharks play this season. We had a great first period and then I expected the usual tail off, but it wasn't there. We owned the whole game. The Wild got very few chances to score, and I think the scariest moment was when they got basically a 2-on-0 (2-on-half?) but they shanked it because they were already kinda' whimpering in submission.

I went to the game with Alex and his gf and the last time they saw the Sharks play was against the Leafs, so it's an insane improvement to him. Our "can't finish" problem was still in effect, there were posts and outsides of nets and shanked/whiffed open net shots, so it was a really exciting game. I so didn't expect that. I mean the Wild are coma-inducing, and the Sharks once made the Devils look lively, so it could have been a real snoozefest.

And Thorty fought! He hasn't fought in ages and he fought! Right there! In front of me! *weeps with happiness*

I peered down into the crowd and noticed someone was wearing a Roloson jersey. I was like, wow, not only does someone have a Wild jersey, they had it personalized? That's like personalizing a borg jersey. Then I realized that it was Roloson himself, sitting in the backup goalie tunnel seat that's surrounded by the crowd.

Alex looked down as well and remarked, "Who are those jackasses walking across the ice? Oh, the coaches." We're very observant in this household!

tersa and I made our exchange! Thanks very much. :)

Okay, I am so fucking pissed with the team not playing for JS. I mean, maybe I'm biased because I like him and I'm protective (like I was with Nabby when he just came back from his groin injury) of him, but of the four goals scored last night, three were from the slot and one was batted out of the air by Avery who should have been tied up by somebody.

Ducks played well in the first but as soon as the Kings started pressuring the Ducklings went into wimpy mode and that basically always ends up in having goals scored on you. And Petr played hard. He backchecked without skiing and took shots and made plays and... blah.

Aside from that it was an outstanding hockey night! But mostly I'm giddy about how well the Sharks played. :)

Furthermore, thanks to IHC, I will never be able to think of Antti Laaksonen in conjunction with "playing the trap" without giggling. I ♥ late-night IHC.

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