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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Martian Love

M is for Martian love

I love Martian goal celebrations. :D And I loved that pretty, pretty play from Marian to Bonk to Marty. Man, I'm glad those fuckers aren't in my conference. *grin*

I slept! And didn't wake up too early! Yay me!

Can't say I'm unhappy with the Sharks last night. I think we played a good game, lots of effort, chances, etc, just couldn't finish, which isn't a new thing. Hmm "couldn't finish" makes me feel weird, as if...

(In Doctor's Office)
MAE: So, my team... my team... can't... we can't... *blushes* can't finish.
DOCTOR: *draws curtain* All right, I can prescribe some pills for this.

Yes, it makes me feel something like that.

Was happy for Wayne's goal. He looked pretty happy himself and so did the whole team. *grin* Phoenix played well. I know they're a good team, and they weren't playing up to the standard they can play the night before, and Boucher is a great goaltender, so I can't say I'm surprised or overly disappointed with the result.

In slightly more traumatizing news, Bill Clement enthusiastically declared that "players respond to only two things--pleasure and pain". And during one of the intermissions, Drew threw his arm around Randy and asked him, "Who's your baby?" Randy then turned and gazed into his eyes and answered, "You're my baby."

I'm going to Wild/Sharks tomorrow! tersa, we shall make "the exchange" then! *winks conspiratorially*

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yay for sleeping ;)

*laughs* I flicked on the sens game and only caught alfie's goal and squealed a bit about other people *shame* lol

your announcers = sooooooinlove

Individually they are so cute, but as a team they are evil.

They have this quiet love, much like the love between grandparents. *weeps*

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