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Day 5...

Mmm, sleep deprivation. Sanity slipping. Went to sleep early. Body/mind decided that just meant I should wake up earlier. I wonder if I just kept going to sleep earlier and earlier one day I would find myself waking up at 3 AM. Hahaha! *weeps*

The Sharks just continue to amaze me and make me happy. The Yotes didn't seem very into the game last night, and I'll take that with Patty and Marco not playing and our backup goalie in. Okay, I'm just being dramatic by saying our backup goalie is in because Vesa is awesome and good enough to be a #1. ;)

Our PP is dead. Hopefully fixable with practice time, as Ron Wilson said. But we're like forechecking at even strength and generating chances and... *weeps with pride* Korolyuk has skill (ooh!) and he's been blocking shots and backchecking and stuff, too, and Nils has such a great shot and everybody is playing hard and... *further weeping*

And our baby!Czech has been skating. :D

But I think what makes me happiest is the consistent effort put in from game to game. Granted, I haven't seen any of the blowout games yet, but it seems like the Sharks haven't succumbed to that syndrome where they get a big win - whether it be a blowout, or a win against a tough opponent - and then kick back in the next game.

The closest to that I've seen was in the Blue Jackets game, but we still got a point that night and if I remember correctly, Denis was fabulous.

I kind of wish I could have watched the Bolts/Canucks game. 2 goals by both Bert and Nazzy? And a tiny little celebration (WTF, did he really do that) by Nazzy after his OT game-winner? Good stuff. And coming from behind twice--classic Canucks. ;)

But... I watched Wings/Ducklings instead and it was killing me a little bit to see the Ducks just get stymied again and again on their chances. It reminded me a bit of the Sharks last season until I remembered that we didn't really put in effort last season. Heh.

But they managed to kill 6 of the 7 penalties called against them and tie it up in the last minute. Impressive. Now play like that in front of JS, you fuckers. ;)

Petr goal! Well, really Pahlsson goal because he did all the work, but if the roles were reversed, Pahlsson would have somehow managed to whiff. He has a talent for getting the most amazing chances and blowing it. :P

Very cool goal scored by Manny Malhotra from mid-air. And Leafs win! Poni! So all in all, a pretty good hockey night. :)

*grunt* Must work. Make money.

*giggles insanely*
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